THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE Posters – First Look

Sara Paxton as Raina

Check out a first look at promotional poster of the new CW show THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE starring Ashley Madekwe as Marissa, Nico Tortorella as Kai, Sara Paxton as Raina, Ben Hollingsworth as Chris, Corbin Bleu as Isaac and Mischa Barton (Not present in these pictures).

I have to give CW credit for pushing the enveloppe as far as the law allows. I can imagine the conversation between the network exec and the network lawyers:

Exec: Hey so here are the new posters for BTL

Lawyer: OMFG are you kidding me?

Exec: What?

Lawyer: First, the OMFG campaign and now this. The FCC will fine us big time.

Exec: Ok, but I really think that the posters are going to kill.

Lawyer: Ok fine. But can we at least cover their naughty parts with a banner?

Exec: Really? But they have their hands in front of them.


Exec: Ok, fine but I still don’t see the big deal about this. By the way, I also wanted to talk to you about a new promo campaign for Gossip Girl. It starts with a night cam…

Lawyer: Get out of my office.

(Note: this is a fictional and satirical conversation and NOT an actual conversation between CW execs and CW lawyers. All the above dialogue is a mere completely made up and has no basis in reality.)

Enough with the bantering, let’s check out some naked pictures.

Corbin Bleu as Isaac
Ashley Madekwe as Marissa
Ben Hollingsworth as Chris

The Beautiful Life Synopsis: The life of a high-fashion model appears glamorous and sexy, but as every new model quickly learns, behind the beautiful facade is a world of insecurity and cutthroat competition. Two teenage models who are about to discover this world for themselves are Raina Collins (Sara Paxton, “Last House on the Left”), a stunning beauty with a secret past, and Chris Andrews (Benjamin Hollingsworth, “The Line”), a strikingly handsome Iowa farm boy. When Raina makes an unforgettable impression at a show introducing the new line from designer Zac Posen (appearing in a cameo role), she steals the spotlight from her friend Sonja (Mischa Barton, “The O.C.”). Sonja has been out of the country for mysterious reasons and is now desperate to reclaim her standing as the reigning supermodel. While Raina and Sonja live at the top of the fashion food chain, Chris is starting at the bottom, having just been discovered by agent Simon Lockridge (newcomer Dusan Dukic) of the Covet Modeling Agency, which is owned by former supermodel Claudia Foster (Elle Macpherson, “Friends”). At his first photo shoot, Chris’ inexperience almost derails his career until Raina comes to his rescue, showing him how to relax and work the camera. That afternoon, Raina brings Chris to the “models’ residence” where she lives along with other young hopefuls, including Marissa Delfina (Ashley Madekwe, “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”), Egan (Jordan Woolley, “As The World Turns”), Issac (Corbin Bleu, “High School Musical 2”) and the current alpha-male-model known as Kai (Nico Tortorella, “Twelve”). At an exclusive industry party that night, Chris is again impressed by Raina’s generosity when she steps aside to make sure Sonja lands a job that will resurrect her career. However, after an ugly scene with Simon, Chris is left to question whether he can survive in this world of dangerous excess and fleeting fame. THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE is from Katalyst Films in association with CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. Television with executive producers Ashton Kutcher & Jason Goldberg (“True Beauty,” “Punk’d”), Karey Burke (“True Beauty”), Mike Kelley (“Swingtown,” “Jericho”) and Carol Barbee (“Swingtown,” “Jericho”). Christian Duguay (“Coco Chanel”) directed the pilot.