TRUE BLOOD “New World In My View” Review (Season 2 Episode 10)


TRUE BLOOD is getting crazier and crazier, and tonight’s episode, “New World In My View,” set up a really great foundation for the remaining two episodes. However the sad part is that it’s almost coming to an end, so let’s not waste time and just dive right in.

Hoyt & Jessica

While these two still have storylines pretty separate from everyone else in Bon Temps, I think the addition of Hoyt’s mother is stirring up quite some trouble. If you thought she was annoying before, well think again. I can’t even fault Jessica for biting her… although this might put a strain on her relationship with Hoyt.


First of all, I loved that scene at the beginning between him and Sookie, and sort of wished it was real. Second of all, there was not nearly enough Eric time in this episode. Let’s bring him back to Bon Temps next week people, I’m just saying… ha.


I have to start by asking, how dumb is he? Really, Arlene calls him and asks him to come to Merlotte’s and he doesn’t find it suspicious in the light of what he left behind? At least go there prepared to fight.
He at least redeemed himself at the end by finally changing into a fly once more and thus making Jason’s plan successful.
Unfortunately, I don’t think he safe yet, because let’s face it, Maryann won’t let go that easily.


Speaking of Jason, could it be that he has finally come up with a smart plan? Because the whole God thing was freaking brilliant, and of course it was even more brilliant since Sam was able to disappear (even though Jason didn’t know that when he came up with the plan). I also love how his training is actually being put to good use now. Thank you Fellowship of the Sun for that one!


My question from last week has been answered. Sookie’s ability will come in handy in fighting Maryann, I’m just not sure exactly in what way, but man that was really cool! I wonder if there will be a showdown between Maryann and Sookie in the next two episodes.


Tara has finally been snapped out of her trance thanks to Sookie and Bill. And now that she realizes what happened, I wonder if she has any inside information about Maryann that could be used against her. Either way, I’m just glad Tara is out from under Maryann’s spell.


Poor Bill doesn’t know that he might be losing Sookie ever so slowly to Eric. But I doubt that he will totally lose Sookie by the end of the season. I think that whole Eric story will most likely be expanded on in Season 3. However, Bill is going to bring the Queen to Bon Temps, and turns out she might the only one who can defeat Maryann. But I have to say, I hate that they cut off right before revealing the Queen. I really was hoping we would get to see Evan Rachel Wood (you can see her first picture as Queen Sophie-Ann here) in this episode.

And so that means there’s only 2 episodes left this season. Can you believe it went by so fast? I can’t wait to find out how it all ends and I wonder what the set up for season 3 will be.

As always I’d like to know what you guys thought of tonight’s episode. Are you Team Eric or Team Bill? Do you think Sookie might be able to take on Maryann? What about Jason?

Please remember to keep the comments spoilers free for those who haven’t read the books.

(Photo: John P Johnson/HBO)