SMALLVILLE Season 9 Trailer

Erica Durance as Lois Lane, Sam Witwer as Davis Bloom, Aaron Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen, Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan, Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Cassidy Freeman as Tess and Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen - SMALLVILLE

Check out the new trailer for Season 9 of SMALLVILLE and wow, these people know how to make promos look good.

Zod (Callum Blue) looks so amazing, I cannot wait to see more of him. The trailer also gives us more of a peak at Brian Austin Green as Metallo (of whom I posted the first picture recently).

It seems that Clark is also starting to wear the iconic S symbol. We’re getting closer and closer to Superman, which is really exciting.

Season 9 of Smallville premieres on September 25, 2009 at 8pm on The CW. Until then, enjoy the trailer below.

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  • Michael Stephenson

    if you really are intrested which I do not think you are then listen up
    First off you can never kill off LEX or Jimmy if you want this series to go on from here so find a way to ring then both back
    Jimmy is clarks/supermans best friend has always been and will alays be
    Lex Luthor is Superman’s No1 enemy has een and will always be.
    You people have F–ked up the whole Superman thing from day 1
    You gave way Clarks securet to too many people
    The people you added that was probley the only good thing you have done
    Changeing Pete Ross from (Ihope I do not upset or offend anyone with this statement if I do then I am sorry) awhite male to a black male was wrong (although the person you choose did a fantastic job so in that choice you get half marks for picking the only person who could have in anyway pulled it off
    you have taken some of the JLA and messed with them as well
    Aquaman was very wimpy and calling the flash Impuls and changeing his costume sucked.
    You get Full marks for how you handeled Lana Lang good job there.
    And the addition of Lex’s Father good one
    Taking out Clark’s Mother major bad job

    Well there you go I really do not expect that anyone will ven read this BUT who knows someone there might get off their ass and listen to us who watch the show BUTI am guessing not


  • myron payne

    well i think that smallville is going quite well. i mean with all the effects u no something new has been brought to superman with smallville, i mean its a new era but in my opinion there were a few disapointments, like the final battle between clark and doomsday. I was really looking foward to seeing much more of a battle i mean that was one of the biggest battles of the superman universe it lasted no more than 2 to 3 minutes. Also the death of jimmy and lex, those are two of the biggest characters in superman what it will be like now is a mystery.smallville has changed the timeline of superman a great deal like meeting lois during clarks high school years, he dosent meet her until he works for the planet and as for martha being senator i mean come on she is supposed to be there for clark. But maybe all this was done on purpose so it would be hard to determine the storyline of the show. And when is clark going to start flying omg!!!. I am looking foward to seeing season 9 and the super suit and the villans that will appear this season.

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