Top 10 TV Character That Need to Be Killed Off


We all have characters that we love, but we also all have characters that we hate and wish would just disappear. That’s why I thought that’s article about the Top 10 TV characters that need to be killed off was interesting.

There are a lot of choices that I have to totally disagree about and even to the point where it would take away one of the reason I love the show, for example like Joe DuBois in Medium. I don’t think the show would be the same without him.

However, there are few that I have to agree with, including Dan Scott on One Tree Hill (Seriously, isn’t he dead already?!), and Tracy Strauss on Heroes (she just should have stayed dead after the first time they killed her off).

Others on the list include Dr. Raymond Langston (CSI), Disco Sty (The Simpsons), Michael Scott (The Office), Skyler White (Breaking Bad), Turtle (Entourage), Meg Griffin (Family Guy), Hurley “Hugo” Reyes (Lost), John “J.D.” Dorian (Scrubs).

So the question is, which characters do you think should be killed off?