TRUE BLOOD “I Will Rise Up” Review (Season 2 Episode 9)

true blood

Wow! I don’t really have words to express how I feel about tonight’s episode of TRUE BLOOD, “I Will Rise Up.” So before I get into that last unforgettable scene, I’ll start with what happened throughout the episode.

Hoyt & Jessica

Out of all the sadness at least these two seem to have a “normal” relationship. Although I do hate Hoyt’s mother. Jeez. I have to wonder how he turned out so good.


Sam has to turn to Andy for help, that’s how desperate he is. I do love that he turned himself into a fly, I still think that whole shape-shifter thing is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’ll ever be safe until either Maryann gets her hands on him or he kills her, but can she even be killed?


Tara can be grateful she has Lafayette in her life. How freaking awesome is he?! And even her mom is a better alternative to staying with Maryann, that’s saying something. At this point I don’t think Tara will be of any help until Maryann is dealt with. I do wonder why Lafayette and her mom weren’t affected by Maryann though.


That woman is evil! And I’m afraid that she won’t stop until she gets her hands on Sam (poor thing, what did he do to deserve this!). I wonder if the vampires will be able to do anything against her and/or if Sookie’s ability to read her mind will come handy in any way.


This was probably the sweetest episode for him. The scene between him and Sookie was so adorable and gave us an insight as to who the real Jason is. I am now looking forward to finding out what he does next.


Here comes the interesting and outrageous part. Eric freaking tricked Sookie into drinking his blood so that he could keep track of her?!!! That is so devious, but so hot at the same time… especially that dream that Sookie had with Eric! Who knew that drinking a vampire’s blood would make them seem sexually attractive to you (although I wonder if that works with unattractive vampires too). Oh and the whole Bill and Eric story has now officially become my new “Lost dilemma” (do I like Sawyer or Jack better? I still can’t choose).


Poor Bill, he is just powerless against Eric and his cunning ways. I wonder if he will lose Sookie to him before the end of the season.


Yes, Eric tricked Sookie into drinking his blood, but his last scene with Godric totally redeemed him in my eyes. Seeing in how much pain he was over losing Godric was one of the most heartbreaking scenes I have seen in True Blood, and I won’t forget it anytime soon.


And to finish, the saddest scene I have seen in True Blood. I cannot believe they killed Godric!!! Why would they do this to me? Godric was the best vampire character ever, and we only got to see him in two episodes, that’s really upsetting. But even worse is that even his death was one of the most beautiful scenes. His whole discussion with Sookie, and how humble and in awe he was about the whole thing proves once more how brilliant the writers of the show are.

And with that, there is only 3 episodes left this season, *snif*. It feels like there is so much more that needs to happen. But the main thing is for Sookie, Jason, Bill, and Eric to go home and see what has been happening to Bon Temps while they were away.

Now I want to hear your thoughts on tonight’s incredible episode of True Blood. Were you as heartbroken as I was about Godric’s demise? What do you think of the new love triangle between Sookie, Bill, and Eric? Please share in the comments below.

Please remember to keep the spoilers to a minimum for those who haven’t read the books.

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  • jackson

    What song was playing at the end credits of the episode??

  • Barbs337

    That last scene was absolutely BRILLIANT! I was quite choked up, i must say

  • Lou

    I waited all last spring watching those witty commercials they had on HBO to pump up the show and I’m hooked severely. I was flat out pissed at them killing Godric off. I agree he’s the perfect vampire type (and similar to Pitt’s character in Embrace) and the scene was absolutely beautiful–and I had no idea Eric and Godric where Swede’s but that explains Eric’s height.

    Two things stick out in my mind though. One Godric says that he will make amends for everything that happened. And the music the chose at the end I will rise up just really sticks out and I don’t know why. Vampire Jesus? May be too far gone but I really didn’t get the feeling that when he swore to make amends he meant by killing himself.

    I was totally choked up as well. Two episodes are not enough Godric at all!

    Just my two cents.

    Luv Godric

  • Rose Tyler

    The song over the end credits was Reservoir Park by The Dutchess and the Duke. For me there is no debate, Eric is far more interesting then Bill. Of course I have always preferred Sawyer over Jack. As for Maryanne, I do believe that even the Vamps are going to need help to take her down.

  • Chris

    The last scene was one of the greatest scenes I have seen in awhile. Amazing acting, and amazing writing and directing

  • Twisted Vicious

    I bawled like a baby at the last scene. It was as heartbreaking as the Dana dying scene in the L word where Alice drops this little flower thing that starts singing as her heart shattered.

    I am completely on TEAM ERIC. Bill is a two-faced bastard anyways (as will be seen on later episodes with the queen & etc.)

    Oh and Lafayette is still the same badass I adored during the 1st season! This episode was FUCKING BRILLIANT!!! I can’t express how AMAZING it was.

    P.S. I hope Pam gets screen time next episode. She was an integral part of the book & it’d be great to see more of her.

    Oh & Marryann scares the shit out of me. My friends and I agrred that we’d rather be stuck in a room with Freddie Kruger than with her.

  • Angie

    [Editor’s Note: There might be possible book spoilers for those who haven’t read them]

    Yes, this episode was very endearing. A break from all the hype that had been going on in the season (although it pissed me off that my mother and father where “This episode was boring” when they can’t realize how thoughtful and well produced it was!). Hoyt and Jessica are becoming one of my favorite couples, just love how innocent the two are with each other and how sassy Jessica can get sometimes. Of course, Eric’s nature is to be rather devious, and in the books he not only tricks Sookie but he has this little kissing session with her, in the middle of the chaos, which is kind of funny.

    If any of you guys have read the book, the character of Maryann (who isn’t even called Maryann in the book) is actually supposed to be in a relationship with Sam. It’s quite interesting how the tables where completely turned in the series, but it still interesting. This show is the one thing that I don’t get mad on when they change something from the books because they are both so amazing.

    The last scene…….simply wow. It was so lovely to see Eric in such a vulnerable position (And don’t worry fans, if there is a fourth season you’ll see a sensitive version of Eric which will appeal to all female fans). It was heartbreaking, especially the way that he was begging to Godric not to leave him. Also, the incorporation of their native language showed how close they where to each other and there is no doubt that the two must have shared very special moments and a lot of love.

    All in all, it was a very wonderful episode (although I wanted to shoot my mother and my father in the face with their constant whining).

  • Cassandra

    The writing in the last scene was brilliant and the acting was superb! Those of us who have read the books been waiting for the Sookie/Bill/Eric triangle to emerge on screen. I can’t wait to see more!

  • Sarah

    Team Eric!

  • Terrance

    I feel so sorry for poor Bill. He’s a good guy, but just got out-classed tonight! In season 1, Eric was not my favorite, but he has totally stepped up his game this season…BIGTIME. I’m still out of breath from Godric’s scene, it was brilliant, and the pain that Eric went felt was excruciating. Oh well, at least with hope he can take Sookie. Who knows, a telepath who drank 1,000-yr-old blood may develop some healing glamour power to soothe Eric’s pain (or at least lick his brain!) Man, this show is hot!

  • darkbloodyvamp

    BOOOOOO ERIC! What a weasel to do that to Sookie! What a loser! Is this the only way he can get a girl? Why do people like this A-Hole! No the ending did NOT redeem himself for he basically manipulated himself into Sookie’s mind and violated her! Please I read all the books and these blind Eric fans say “Oh look at what Bill did when I always saw Eric a manipulator. Although I hated watching that scene and the possibility of Eric taking away the one thing that give meaning to Bill’s undead life for the first time in 140 years, at least Alan Ball is demonstrating that Eric is manipulative, a user, and will violate Sookie’s free will. If people still like this quality in a person I wonder what you would say if it was your daughter or sister who has been violated and manipulated. Hated how Bill is being treated when he is still an honorable man (vampire).

  • jenna

    Remember Sookie had a sex dream about Bill after drinking his blood with the Ratray beating. So does that mean she was sexually attracted to Bill because she had his blood? Would she have fallen for any male vampire who gave her blood? Funny how Bill tells her she might be attracted to Eric but he never told her that after drinking his blood she might be attracted to him. Is her character smart enough to figure out that what applies for one applies for the other?

  • Boobie

    Well…though not as action packed as last week’s epi, major moves were made this time around…First to old business: Jessica/Hoyt for Prom Queen & King has officially ratcheted it up a notch. Just when you think they couldn’t get any cuter–BAM! Hoyt is singing her to sleep…Get a wiff of vampy snatch and he’s standing up to his bigoted mother once and for all–YAAY Hoyt…Now on to new business: Sam is finally using his imagination as a shape shifter. Why’d it take him two days to figure out he could change into a fly and fly the coop??!?!?!? He needs to rent some StarTrek DS9 and go to Odo school. He’s about slow as Jason sometimes….Speaking of the surviving Stackhouses, nice grief counseling between Sookie & Jason at Che Vamp Hotel. Let’s see if his new mission is to “use his brain” more often works out. It is officially time to off Maryann. Her BS is so high right now, “they were ecstatic!” How high were they then b/c it sounded crazy coming out of her mouth and still didn’t address the attributes of looking like a stunt double from a Lifetime movie. I think the heart casserole she made for Tara & Eggs has zapped their common sense even more than usual. But how about Lafayette whipping up on Eggs TWO TIMES in a row? Maryann is slipping though, she let La La & and T’s mom see Tara & Eggs transform. La La’s got some hoo-doo at the house that is far better than the fakery Ms. Jeanette was peddling last season. What happens if Bill & Sookie come back to a house full of nut jobs under Maryann’s control???? And now for Bill & Sookie–aka our relationship is starting to mimic a daytime soap opera, oh no!–Bill has a very weak pimp hand. He is so busy NOT telling Sookie all she needs to know about the lifestyle, that she keeps ending up on the bad end of vamp trickery. Eric is a mess but Bill knows that. Bill & Sam are chasing Jason in the dumb as bricks category. By this time how can Sookie not know that taking Eric’s will bond them? Bill’s skills as a boyfriend are starting to mirror his poor skills as a maker (How could he not have “the talk” with Jessica before she sleep w/ Hoyt???). Finally, Godric–after 2000 years, there is still no Zolof for vamps. Hate to see Godric go/don’t know how the PR lady didn’t see how progressive Godric’s thinking was/He should have told Eric to push up off Sookie b/c she’s with Bill/too bad Godric couldn’t drop by Bontemps and off Maryann before “walking into the light.” BTW–The Sookie/Eric dream scene: NOOOOOOOO!! That was a hot M-E-S-S.
    Until next week…

  • I really feel sorry for Bill…He LOVES Sookie so much,and to have Eric come in with his conniving ways and steal her from him, shows how desperate he is. He couldn’t win her on his own. He had to result to trickery. SAD. But, Eric is winning over his fans because he is sexy and tall and the women are just swooning over him. It’s all about the attraction to a BAD BOY. I wonder if he’s going to even want Sookie as much now, since he knows that he can have her. POOOOOORRRRR BILL!

  • Luna

    I hope for maybe some more flashbacks involving godric from eric’s perspective. from the minute his character entered the series, i was enthralled. beautiful character, beautiful acting, and the relationship between eric and godric- especially as demonstrated at godric’s end, was the saddest most beautiful thing of all. i never cry and tears escaped their ducts when eric broke down at godric’s feet. ach! i need to watch this episode again, they are only getting better!

  • katherine

    Brilliant performance from Godric and Sookie!

    What is the song playing at the end with Godric and Sookie?

  • Anon

    Poor Bill my rear end – honorable – so not! If they follow the books (although tbh they havent done so) Bill’s character is not squeaky clean. Love the whole Eric/Sookie relationship in the books hope they play it out properly in the tv series.

  • Matt

    Godric is gone…that was his last episode. There won’t be anymore flashbacks of him either, at least not for the rest of this season. I think they wasted his character. I guess it served some purpose to have an aging vampire who grew sick of the conflict and was bored of life…but they could have done a little more with him instead of just killing him off right away. I wonder if Eric goes insane now

  • Lola

    The song at the end credits is I Will Rise Up – a cover of Lyle Lovett’s song. I just don’t know the band.

    And if you read the books, you will be 100% Team Eric…. the show, it’s more Team Bill, but he’s being a bit of a pansy lately.

  • Al

    So a 2000 year old vampire suffers from chronic clinical depression and commits suicide.
    This thing has killed probably tens of thousands of innocent people and we are supposed to sympathize with it? Instead of trying to correct the wrongs of it’s life it takes the coward’s way out.
    This show has lost it’s way. They could have done more with Godric and desperately need to get rid of the Maryann storyline. Still this episode was better than the last two.

  • Al

    Hey, Jenna, she was attracted to Bill before she drank his blood.. She was never attracted to Eric. She actually disliked Eric. Eric is basically using the equivalent of Vampire rufies on her.

  • angie

    i loved this episode. i am too, enthralled with Godrick and was sad to see him exit. It was a beautiful ending, the acting was superb and I have to admit, i had a tear or two as i watched it.

    i love eric and i feel bad for bill, but who’s hotter?!!! plus, we got to see a side to eric we havent seen before and that gives him more brownie points in my book!

  • Christa

    I’m sorry, but i really can’t like Bill and Sookie as a couple no matter how great he is because I just find him completely unnattractive. While Eric on the other hand is soo hot, even just the way he talks.

  • Jonnu

    Godric is too good to survive. It is simply more realistic to get rid of him. Otherwise he would just overpower everyone and do nothing but good. If anyone wants this show to last then Godric must die. Loved the character but it would just be too easy to turn to Godric for all problems. Let’s see if Eric can come through – my guess is he won’t! Face it – it will be up to the humans to stop the evil. Guess it must be fiction! As soon as Sookie finds out Maryanne has been living in her house it is over. Can’t wait til Maryanne has to answer to Bill and Eric. Good luck, biatch! Good night and good luck.

    PS: Cable tv is beautiful. Keep watching until it turns on us!

  • Timothy

    Looks like somebody’s gone trolling.

  • I agree with everyone, the Godric scene was quite touching and was one I aluded to in one of my earlier posts as beautifully written in the book. I almost cried during the scene on the roof. However, I also believe they wasted his character as it could have evolved more especially in light of the fact that they had already taken him beyond the book.

    Eric and Sookie? So ready for it.

    @Angie – I think the other side of Eric will appear in Season 3 as they have said they are merging more than one book in each season (as in this season the Queen appears although she doesn’t appear until later in the books). I am looking forward to that.

    @darkbloodyvamp – if you read the books then surely you would agree what Bill did there was way worse than just tricking someone into drinking some blood. Lest we forget, these are vampires after all and although we want them to be good and have human traits, they are used to getting what they want by whatever means necessary and not always with a good conscious. Doesn’t mean we can’t like the story along the way.

    Only three more left!

  • swimmingrose

    I personally love eric! He is so complex (and what else would you expect from someone who has existed for over a 1000yrs) I think that the bad boy image he exudes is a facade and deep down he is a passionate individual. This episode was very good at juxtaposing the different sides of eric. The way he got so emotional about Godric was simply heartbreaking. I loved how truly attached he was to his Godric.

    I found it interesting how vastly different the relationships of Bill and Eric are with regards to their makers. Eric appears to worship Godric whereas Bill can’t stand the sight of her. Also, did anyone notice that the episode began with Bill terminating the relationship with his maker and the episode ended with Eric losing his maker. I think the character parallels between eric and bill are fascinating! But that being said I’m 100% team ERIC!

  • @swimmingrose – interesting perspective. I wonder if it has to do with the persona that Bill and Eric had before being made. It seems Bill was a poetic, sensitive type that didn’t want to be turned into a vampire. Whereas, Eric was a viking, a warrior that accepted his turning. I agree that Eric is a complex character which is why I love him!

  • katherine

    What is the music playing during Godric and Sookie final scene?

  • Des

    @ Jackson, I believe it was “I Will Rise Up” by Lyle Lovett. The title of the show is always the theme song. Last nights episode was “I Will Rise Up.” I cannot recall the words of the last song of the evening, but it might be this one. Help this helps, awesome song by the way.

  • Mary


    Sam needs a visual scan of an animal or whatever, in order to map it. He just can’t change at will, he has to have a map of it. So he prolly didn’t see the fly until then!

  • Heather

    Poor Godric, but I knew he wanted to die. Eric surprised the shit out of me by crying like a baby. I felt so bad for him he loved Godric so much and Godric gave his last command to let Eric live….that is so loving.

  • Boobie

    @Mary…do you actually think that was the FIRST fly to roam around the Bontemps jail lock up…not to mention the roaches…come on…Daphne had a better grip on her abilities/creativity than Sam…Considering how much he has and is being chased, he’s just a slow thinking guy who is unfortunately one step behind on a regular basis–much like the lovable loser Jason. Now all he has left is the town drunk…BUT I do like how he’s been the fly on the kitchen table and got to see Maryann act a fool w/ Tara/Eggs/La La & Eda Mae(?)…StarTrek NG/DSP/V metamorph training would have been helpful considering the tv storyline IS set in the near future and all the series would have been on DVD in Bontemps–HA!!!

  • Deedee

    At this point, you can certainly tell who those fans are that’ve only watched the show, and those who’ve read the books and watched the show. Here’s a hint – Bill’s not the great guy fans of only the show think he is. Most anyone who has read the books are looking forward to Sookie finding that out (and finding her way closer to Eric) too.

    Amazing episode.

    I do wonder how they’ll resolve the whole MaryAnne thing, since that storyline has deviated so far from the books, though.

  • Rachel

    AH! I can’t decide over Sawyer or Jack either! Probably Sawyer though in that case…but. Eric’s different than Sawyer. Jack wasn’t totally in love with Kate like Bill is with Sookie.
    Eric caaannot take Sookie, I would practically die.
    I mean, don’t get me wrong I think Eric is pretty freaking hot, but all amazing attractiveness aside, Bill so wins with Sookie, just because he didn’t have to trick her into drinking his blood to have her love him. She already did. I think. Right? Sorryy, correct me if I’m wrong, I started watching at the beginning of season 2, and tried to get caught up as best I could.

    But yeah I guess I kinda felt sorry for Eric at the end of the episode. We finally learned how deep the connection with a vampire and its maker really was. I cried during that scene, because it showed how kind and loving Godric was, and Sookie being there with him was great.
    I agree, Godric was totally way more awesome than any of the other vampires, and now I’m scared that without him to be the sheriff in that area, somethin’ bad might happen with the other vampires there. I’m just thinking ’bout all the stuff he stopped from happening, like Lorena (Or whatever her name is, I can’t tell if it’s that or Loretta)trying to eat up Sookie (that butt face, gosh) and all the other crap that went down. If Godric wasn’t there, I’m just not sure what would’ve happened.
    As for Sam, I think he’ll find a way to get with the vampires and they’ll take that stupid Maryann chick down. I hope that’s what happens at least.

    Anyways, yeah, I’m sooo excited for the next episode, I’m going crazy!!

  • Rachel

    Oh and I feel really bad posting all that stuff cuz I haven’t read the books either…so maybe I’m wrong and Eric really should end up with Sookie.

  • Michelle

    I’ve both read the books and watched the series from the beginning, and although they are taking slightly different approaches with the series, I think they are keeping the main relationships fairly true to the books. As far as Eric’s character is concerned, he is a much more complex character that he is given credit for (as you learn in the books), but the series is doing an amazing job of showing us snippets of this now. If you remember in Season 1, when Eric first meets Sookie, he is intrigued by her, and Bill tries to stand up to Eric. Eric says to Bill, that he could “simply take her if he wished”, which is true, but he doesn’t. In last week’s episode, Bill again challenged Eric by forbidding him to have any contact with Sookie, which of course, brings out the Viking warrior out in Eric!

    Eric is that quintessential “bad boy” that we all hate to love, but who really does have a heart of gold underneath his prickly exterior. Bill is not a bad Vampire, he just doesn’t really know what he wants. Eric has lived long enough to have figured it out, mostly, even though Sookie presents a new and interesting challenge to him. But he still wants it to be HER idea to come to him.

    Kudos to Alan Ball for his adaptation! If anything, look at the discussions it has sparked among the viewers!

  • The Maryann storyline has been by far the weakest this season. There has never been any resolution and not really any buildup. The first couple episodes with her were intriguing, but after that it just became repetitive. On the other hand, the vampire storyline was great. Godric brought another angle to the show we hadn’t seen before.

  • Boobie

    Whoa dude..what’s going on this week?!?!?!??!?!
    I kind of got on this blog b/c most people WEREN’T constantly comparing the show to the books…For once and for all, HBO is NOT trying to recreate the books…Can we just keep that off a bit…Save it for the Harry Potter & Twilight blogs PLEASE!!!!

  • Kendra

    That last scene was perfect…the acting, the dialogue, everything.

    Oh, and my 2 cents on Eric vs. Bill, Jack vs. Sawyer: Sawyer pwns Jack any day of the week and always will. There are some triangle parallels, though I wouldn’t say that Jack is like Bill in that he has a pure love for the leading lady…Jack seems to be more obsessed with her than anything, like an ex-boyfriend who you just can’t get away from. (I’m obviously team Skate all the way). Bill-Sookie aren’t quite Jate, but Eric-Sookie are more like Skate…the hunky anti-hero is intrigued/interested in the female who can’t stand him (in the early stages of the relationship, of course). Eventually she’ll see his softer side and warm to him, they’ll hook up, he’ll probably sacrifice himself for her half a dozen times, etc. Eric’s manipulation of Sookie was hot in this episode (especially that bedroom scene – DAYUM), but if we’re going to accept them as THE couple of True Blood (which the writers might make them into) she’s gotta come to Eric, to quote Daphne, “of her own free will”. Anyways, I’m hoping True Blood can handle a love triangle better than LOST…

  • @Kendra – I didn’t mean to draw any parallels between the characters of Bill & Eric and Jack & Sawyer. All I meant is that I am torn between choosing who I like best between Bil & Eric, the same way that I am torn over who I like best between Jack & Sawyer. But I agree with you, their characters and relationship are totally different in each show.

  • Kendra

    @Sandie – I understand you weren’t trying to draw parallels between the characters. I was kind of elaborating on Rachel’s earlier post which discusses the whole Jack vs. Sawyer, Eric vs Bill thing.

    It will be very interesting to see how the True Blood love triangle unfolds though.

  • Anon

    Question in the comic con video is that sookie who gets staked?

  • @Kendra – Sorry my bad 🙂 . I am excited for the love triangle too!

  • I’m sick of the Maryann storyline. It’s gotten too outrageous. Love Lafayette.
    He is a kicka– Gay guy with attitude. I too wonder why he,Andy and Tara’s mom are not affected by Maryann.

  • Rachel

    @Sandie, thats what I meant too, I just thought it was funny that we had the same problem with choosing between the same dudes in love triangle
    Bill and Eric really do remind me of Jack and sawyer though, but just with the fact that Sawyer and Eric both had that “bad boy” exterior or whatever.

    But gosh I need to stop talking about Lost.

    I think that maybe Tara’s mom and Lafayette weren’t affected by Maryann because maybe Maryann just didn’t want them to be affected at first and wanted Tara to like beat her mom up first or something but then they got away before she could turn them into her puppets.
    Maybe, I’m not sure. I had a better theory but I forgot it.

    But yeah Lafayette is pretty amazing

  • @Boobie – as for Sam, considering that (a) he considers Bon Temps his home and (b) he has not told but only a few people about his shape shifting, even if he could have shifted before then he probably chose not to because it would be a little hard to escape, leaving his clothes behind, and explain that to the sheriff later. It was only when he needed to escape because he was in harm from MaryAnn that he chose to do so. I do not believe Sam is dumb or that he doesn’t have a handle on his powers. It is also not hard to believe that is the only fly in the cell. Not every jail cell is filled with flies and roaches.

  • elisa

    @ Boobie- LMAO at the Zoloft comment- needed a good laugh, thanks.
    And the hottest scene of the whole damn show went down with Eric and Sookie in bed. Oh. My. God. That man is criminally gorgeous. My jaw-dropped- really, and I’m 33, and my jaw has never dropped over someone’s physical appearance before,but my God, what a fine, fine looking man…

  • retro

    Eric was a smilin fool in the last episode. Makes me laugh inside. Also the part where Eric slouched over and looked like an idiot to fit in with the fellowship. Makes me think if there was a lost scene where one of the guys beaten up by Eric asks another brethren if they really look and act like that.

    I think the instrumental where Godric dies in front of Sookie is by Nathan Barr ( Dont know for sure though. It reminds me of that song in the Last of The Mohicans where the woman would rather jump off a cliff than be with her captors.

    That last scene was good. Allan Hyde is a good actor, looks like a shorter Federer. Allan “aced” that character. waahwaah

    Sookie & Bill make a good couple. So do Anna & Stephen. (throws rice)
    Everytime Anna gets emotionally distressed in a scene, she submits to her real accent. One of the nice girls out there though.

  • Christopher

    I just found the final scene between Godric and Sookie arrestingly beautiful and incredibly moving. Last night when I saw it for the first time I got a bit choked up — so much so that I decided to rewatch tonight to see if I felt the same way. I did, only more so, and that’s pretty unusual for me. The creative team behind this show have totally taken it to the next level this season. I hope the critical media takes notice.

  • Beanie

    I loved Godric’s character and am very sorry to see him go, but appreciate the very fine acting and the impression he as left on the show. The scene between he and Eric was amazing and my throat was choking as I watched it.
    I am interested to see how this rivalry for Sookie will play out between Bill and Eric. I am curious why Eric wants her so bad and wants to make her a vampire?

  • Jen_in_Sacto

    Unbelievable episode. Godric was the best short-lived character in tv history (maybe a bit of hyperbole, but not by much). From the time he mounted Eric in his first scene, he had me. It was well written, but also well acted. The scene at the end was heartbreaking. When he was pleading in Swedish…I cried like a baby!

    I have been sooo bored with Maryann UNTIL this episode.

    I agree that you need to read the books to know where the whole Boring Bill thing is going. He is painful to watch. However, I think that they will end it differently than in the book. I think Lorena will be involved again, but not like how she was in the book.

  • Ary

    I never read the book , but show didnt give me any reason of why Godric killed himself. please share your thoughts on how making amends had anything to do with him killing him self? i didnt get that part:(

  • Emmannuelle

    I don’t know why they made Bill seem like the main guy in this show, is it because he’s engaged to Paquin? because in the books he starts like that but he ends up being a douche, an asshole, he rapes sookie, etc etc, she totally kicks him out of her life and Eric becomes the strongest presence in her life, her lover, her friend, her protector, hell! they even get married in the latest book, although the situation is similar to the bullet sucking scene but my point is that… BILL is the worst thing of the books and he’s mostly out of her life.

  • retroplus

    i never read any books first before a film/video adaptation and never will, probably not the correct order of things but i dont care. its more difficult to do a film than write a book, especially making a film based on a book, comic, life story, etc. a relationship is a 2 way street. “bill chose me!” is what sookie yelled to lorena, and im guessing sookie chose bill. and so, from what the hbo series (not the book) has shown the public thus far is that bill is a good guy and eric enslaves humans in his basement for food or not. sookie has got some eric blood in her now, the perfect excuse for sookie to cheat on her “true love”. would be better if, knowing bill is the jealous sensitive type, sookie was sucking on a clean surface of erics skin to play a joke on bill because her entire attraction to bill was a farce anyway. maybe not. you wont catch me quoting any “lost” episodes because i wont even try. its so true, there is not one “ugly” looking main character/ actor on this show. its all about the glamour, of vampires. i dont know why fat celebrities and ones whove never been fat preach against it. it is what it is, vamp world. dont even try, or do and just watch how inadequate efforts are! go on sookie, cheat on bill and be gone with you and eric into the real glam that the public demands to see because its so boring otherwise.

  • iPwn

    I was really shocked of what Godric did to himself, When I saw Eric pleading Godric not to do it, I was quiet until i slept and havent said a word until someone talked to me. The Final Scene of the Episode is to me, one of the most intense and heartbreaking scenes in all of True Blood, It even made Eric drop down on his knees and cry, Now thats what you call a good show.

  • Deedee

    Ary: Godric killed himself because he was distraught that vampires are still ruthless killers, and more importantly, because he was tortured over the humans he’d killed over the course of 2000 years – in other words, his own ruthlessness. The book explained it in better detail, certainly.

    Retroplus: sometimes reading the books first isn’t such a bad thing. In this particular instance, it can help to fill in backstory – like, it isn’t Sookie who’s using Bill, nor did Sookie choose Bill (or cheat on him first). Bill came looking for Sookie purposely at Merlottes that very first episode. Season three might reveal that, and certainly it should be made clear by season four. Bill is no good guy – trust me.

  • Henme

    Deedee-I agreee. The TV show has made Bill into this big hero. In the book, Bill was more than willing to dump Sookie and hook back up with Lorena UNTIL she kidnapped him for reasons too long to go into here. It irritates me that Bill is the white knight and Eric the conniving jerk. This changes the whole essence of the books. I thought it funny that in the TV show, Bill comes out of his daytime sleeping place and almost burns to death to save Sookie in Season 1. In the book, he was out of town. Come on…how melodramatic.

  • Boobie

    @retroplus So true…I don’t plan on reading the books. HBO does great shows, with great writing (Oz, The Corner, The Wire, The Sopranos, 6 Feet Under, etc.) Regardless of the story’s origins, I like what the directors and writers are doing and I don’t want to pollute or confuse the issue by always obsessing over the book. THIS IS NOT A TV ADAPTATION PEOPLE. Knowing HBO style writers, they’ll add even more characters and plot twist that ARE NOT in the book. Why? $$$$$$ $$$ for the audience watching the show (DVDs/TV/acclaim) and $$$ for all those who will run out an by the books just to compare the two….

  • Rachel

    I agree with Boobie!

  • Dexter

    Can’t wait for the battle of Bon Temps, the vampires, Sookie, Jason and others have to rescue Sam and take out Maryann. Damn so exciting. LOL at the Dick and fuck off on the welcome to bon temps sign board.

  • Karin

    Eric and Sookie together…, Hot, HOT! I’ve rewatched that seen 3 times. WOW! Godric dying….sad, and Eric sobbing in Swedish, begging him not to do it…heartbreaking. Bon Temps action…wow, love how Sam went to ANDY!! Andy is so pitiful lately, he means well, he’s just can’t get out of his whisky bottle, but he KNOWS that things are wrong! CAnt wait till next week. and….I HATE MARYANN!!!!

  • Boobie

    Thanks:o) Rachel…New episode aaaallllllmost here!!!!!!! Maryann has to get dealt with THIS WEEK!!!!!

  • Seth

    i can’t ever watch this episode again
    i feel like i want to die
    Godric’s death was too aweful
    i’m still broken up over his death i don’t think i’ll ever get over it :((

  • Well I am as excited as Boobie about the new episode this weekend. I really do help they deal with Maryann once and for all this week!

  • liberiangirl222

    @Emmannuelle- I’m sorry but that was cruel of you to drop those spoilers like that…not knowing what’s going to happen is what’s fun about this…please don’t do that, I’ve only finished books 1 and 2.

  • Boobie

    ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

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