NURSE JACKIE “Pill-O-Matix” Episode 11


Watch a sneak peek of NURSE JACKIE “Pill-O-Matix” Episode 11 airing Monday August 17 at 10:30 ET/PT.

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Episode Synopsis: NURSE JACKIE “Pill-O-Matix” Episode 11 – Kevin decides to buy Jackie a new wedding ring. At work, the automated pill machine replaces Eddie. A movie critic (played by Victor Garber) is admitted with a broken elbow. Zoey gives him the wrong dose of painkiller, resulting in a coma. Coop dumps his new girlfriend. The parents of the baby Akalitus has been taking care of come forward to resume custody. We learn that O’Hara’s mother has slid into a coma – she believes that her stepfather is responsible. Eddie follows Jackie home, and sees her with Kevin and the girls.

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