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Here at Daemon’s TV, we work very hard at bringing great TV news, videos, pictures and more to our readers. We also work hard on the other websites from our Network. So we thought you might be interested in what’s been happening on them this week as well. Take some time to visit these wonderful websites and let us and our friends know what you think of their brilliant work.

Daemon’s Movies

Sandie shows her obsessive side when she talks about The Top 10 Actors She Would Watch In Any Movie.

Eric is really disappointed in how the District 9 movie turned out.

Also check out the latest movie trailers that came out recently.


Daemon’s Food

Gilda went all gaga for desserts when she reviewed the Extraordinary Desserts Restaurant.

She also attended a marvelous and apparently delicious Got Milk? Milkshake event in LA.

She also went all cheesy when she talked about the awesomeness of Finlandia Black Label Premium Aged Gouda.

Make sure to check out what she has in her grocery bag this week.


Daemon’s Books

Amie rips into celebrity authors big time in her latest article “Celebrity Authors – The Bad, The Worse & The Just Plain Ugly.”

Jose brings back life into a franchise with the Paul Of Dune review.

Kristen gives a hard yet fair look at “JULIE AND JULIA: My Year of Cooking Dangerously Review” by Julie Powell.

Also make sure to read more insightful articles in the Book Chat Section.