ENTOURAGE “Murphy’s Lie” Review Season 6 Episode 6


I just finished watching ENTOURAGE “Murphy’s Lie” (Season 6 Episode 6) and here is my review of the episode.

All I got to say is: “Wow”. This was a really strange episode to watch. It seems that the episode was like a PSA that we can call “Why acting stupid is bad for you”. Let me count all the ways people acted stupid in “Murphy’s Lie” (Warning: SPOILERS)

Drama goes ahead and messes up his only good job by being “a good friend”. Dude, it’s not like that exec was trying to force himself on her and plus, she is not a moron who will sleep with any douche bag with a VP in his title. Stupid Move.

Andrew left his wife for a girl who doesn’t want him anymore and Ari is not firing the pathetic guy. Double Stupid Move.

Vince is having sex with a co-ed and it involves a camera. Need I say more. Stupid Move.

Ashley dumps Eric cos he still has feelings for Sloane and he feels bad about that. Dude, she listened to your messages. You should have dumped her. Stupid Move.

Overall, this was still a fun episode albeit everyone acted incredibly stupidly. What do you think? Leave your comments

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(Photo: claudette barius/HBO)