Hart Hanson Talks BONES Season 5

bones season 5 cast

Televisionary recently got a chance to speak with showrunner and executive producer of BONES about what’s coming up on season 5. And since a lot of you enjoyed our interview with Michaela Conlin, I thought you might enjoy this interview as well.

Here is a little excerpt of what Hart Hanson had to say about Booth’s mental state at the beginning of the season:

It’s six weeks later and Booth is contending with the confusion caused either by his real feelings for Brennan or the hangover–is that the right word?–the residue of his experience in his coma.

He is very confused about the world right now. He hasn’t got amnesia. We come back just as Sweet says, okay, you can go back to work. But there’s definite repercussions from what he went through at the end of the season finale. And I hope that will make people feel like their complaints about the season finale are being addressed in the season opener and people will like it more in retrospect. We’ll find out.

You can read the full interview over at Televisionary.