August 2009 Highlights – Cartoon Network

Total Drama Action

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Last month, Cartoon Network debuted the “CN Real” block of programming. Now Wednesday nights are home to CN Real, with four unscripted, half-hour, live-action series. This August, tune in to the series premieres of Bobb’e Says and Dude, What Would Happen, as The Othersiders and Survive This continue with brand new episodes. The fun begins with Bobb’e’s real-world advice at 8 p.m. (ET, PT).


Premieres Wednesday, August 19 at 8 p.m. (ET, PT)

In Bobb’e Says, America’s funniest kid uses his charm, wit and huge personality, along with video clips of other people’s painful mistakes, to illustrate his unique and hysterical words of wisdom. If you want to roll like Bobb’e, have style like Bobb’e and be as cool as Bobb’e, you just have to DO what Bobb’e Says. Bobb’e J. is a semi-regular on 30 Rock, playing the son of Tracy Morgan’s character. He can also be seen on the big screen in Land of the Lost and opposite Eddie Murphy in Imagine That. Earlier this year, Bobb’e J. was nominated for an MTV Movie Award for “Male Breakthrough Performance” for his starring role along side Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott in Role Models. Bobb’e Says airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. (ET, PT).

Wednesday, August 19: “Tony Hawk’s Warehouse” – In the premiere episode, Bobb’e hangs out with skating legend Tony Hawk at his warehouse, dispensing some sage advice and showing some never-before seen footage of Tony’s mishaps.
Wednesday, August 26: “Theme Park” –Bobb’e hangs out at a theme park, meets some cool people while supplying such words of wisdom such as “A helmet won’t protect you from stupidity” or “Take Care of Your Smile.”

Premieres Wednesday, August 19 at 8:30 p.m. (ET, PT)

Dude, What Would Happen is so over-the-top you just might learn something. Dude…what would happen if you tied 375 helium filled balloons to a sumo wrestler? Armed with an insatiable thirst for answers and an unlimited access to anything and everything, hosts CJ, Ali and Jackson conduct extreme experiments that lead to some very outrageous results. The trio of friends have no labs and no limits to what they’ll think of next. Dude, What Would Happen airs Wednesday nights at 8:30 p.m. (ET, PT).

Wednesday, August 19: Series Premiere – The Dudes attempt to roll underwater, defy gravity, and see who will win in a Pirate vs. Viking smackdown.
Wednesday, August 26 – The Dudes take on remote-control objects, try to improve pizza delivery and stage a battle between fire and ice.


Wednesdays at 9 p.m. (ET, PT)

The Othersiders is a thrilling reality-adventure series that follows five friends on real missions as they explore mysterious, potentially haunted locations in search of evidence that will confirm or deny the existence of paranormal activity. Using state-of-the-art technology, the teens conduct first-hand examinations of a variety of reportedly haunted locales. Evidence is collected, a verdict is rendered and all findings are posted on their Website, allowing visitors to come to their own conclusions. Each mission begins as The Othersiders team members—Riley (Lead Investigator), Jackie (Researcher), KC (Case Manager), Sam (Webmaster) and Zack (Tech Manager)— meet at their headquarters to choose their next location. After extensive online research and discussion, the team determines which venue has enough credible reports to warrant an investigation. The series airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. (ET, PT).

Wednesday, August 5: “50’s Town Movie Set” – The Othersiders explore a movie set that has been plagued with hauntings, including unexplained set malfunctions.
• Wednesday, August 12: “Mission Inn Hotel” – Originally a 12-room cottage the Mission Inn has been many things over the years: a monastery, a hotel, a home, a boardinghouse and a mission. Reopened in 1992, it is listed as one of California Historic Landmarks and is reportedly haunted by the former owner.
Wednesday, August 19: “Evergreen Cemetery” – Founded in 1877, the Evergreen Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in the city of Los Angeles. Over 300,000 people are buried there. Some even date back to the Civil War. Paranormal activity, including sightings, has been reported there.
Wednesday, August 26: “Tropico Gold Mine” – The team investigates reports of spirits lingering throughout Tropico Gold Mine property, a harsh desert mining community in the 1800’s which was filled with valuable gold.

Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. (ET, PT)

Survive This challenges teens to push their limits, overcome their fears and develop lifelong survival skills. Hosted by Les Stroud (a.k.a. “Survivorman”), each episode aims to test endurance, wit and self-determination. After a brief stint in Survival School, eight teenagers, aged 14 to 17, are faced with a series of survival challenges, each one harder than the one before. With mentoring and guidance from Les, they must rely on their ability to think critically and work as a team to overcome the intense pressure of each challenge. The teens are left to their own devices to build a shelter, find food and water, and make fire…all while exposed to the harsh North American wilderness. The challenges get more and more demanding as the series progresses, forcing the group to be innovative and courageous, applying the skills that Stroud taught them. At the end of every survival challenge, Les asks each teen WHO WANTS OUT?, giving them the chance to drop out or to stick it out to the next challenge. The series airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. (ET, PT)

Wednesday, August 5: “Swamp” – The group canoes to a disgusting swamp area for the night and are surprised by the return of a former group member.
Wednesday, August 12: “Rock Face” – Survive This takes mental endurance to the max as the group must deal with two injuries and signal for help all while spending the night in black bear territory.
Wednesday, August 19: “Mountain” – On a mountaineering expedition the remaining participants face new heights and risk dehydration while surviving in extremely rough terrain.
Wednesday, August 26: “Island” – The group is thrown from a boat and forced to swim to safety and survive stranded on a remote island with little food, few resources and no sign of when Les is coming back.


Premieres Saturday, August 29 at 8:30 a.m. (ET, PT)

Battle Force 5 tells the epic adventures of a team of teen drivers, protecting the earth against aliens and robots in amazing inter-dimensional battle zones. The Earth is under attack by two vastly different evil alien forces, intent on crossing through the firewall of the dimensions and unleashing their conquering armies onto our unprotected world. The enemies must pass from their world to ours through rips in the universe (Stormshock portals), but to get to the Earth they must win the place between worlds-a buffer zone. Battle Force 5 premieres on Cartoon Network Saturday, August 29, at 8:30 a.m. (ET, PT) as part of Cartoon Network’s Saturday morning CrushZone programming.

Saturday, August 29, 8:30 a.m. (ET, PT): “Starting Line” – It’s just an ordinary day until Vert Wheeler™ and his car are pulled into an inter-dimensional BattleZone. Along with Sage, the mysterious Blue Sentient, Vert must battle two enemy groups: The Vandals™ and The Sark™.
Saturday, August 29, 9 a.m. (ET, PT) – With the team together for the first time, they need to learn to control themselves and their vehicles in order to survive and overcome impossible odds. (Part two of a two part origin story).


Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. (ET, PT)

The animated comedy series Chowder chronicles the magical misadventures of a young chef’s apprenticeship in the fantastical city of Marzipan, where each day is filled with amazing and surreal situations and avoiding one disaster after another. In Marzipan City, where Snail Cars crowd the streets and colorful citizens hustle and bustle, the Mung Daal Catering Company cooks up the most oddly delicious food. And that is exactly where Chowder, an aspiring young chef in training, likes to be. Under the watchful eye of the eccentric and much older Mung Daal, it is Chowder’s job to assist with the usual kitchen duties, like cooking Sing Beans until they warble on key, nursing a bruised Bluenana back to health, or delivering a thousand-pound cake to a man who lives on the head of a giant. Chowder is perfect for the job, because no one loves cooking or trying new foods as much as he does. He’s a sweet, impetuous and a thoroughly gullible little kid, and wherever he goes, chaos usually ensues. New episodes of Chowder air Thursday nights at 7:30 p.m. as part of the HAR HAR THARSDAYS programming block.

Thursday, August 6: “Paint the Town” – When Chowder discovers an empty canvas dimension behind his bedroom, he paints his own fantastical world where he can do whatever he wants. “The Blackout” – After he causes a city-wide blackout, Chowder must brave both the darkness and an army of weirdoes to restore the power.
Thursday, August 13: “The Dice Cycle” – When Chowder accidentally wrecks Mung’s childhood dice cycle, he blames it on Ceviché. “The Chain Recipe” – Mung is cursed with bad luck after refusing to cook a chain recipe. So Chowder takes it upon himself to make the dish, break the curse, and save his mentor.
Thursday, August 20: “The Garden” – Impressed with Truffles’ gardening skills, Chowder takes her on as his new master. Saddened over the loss of his apprentice, Mung tries to win him back. “Sheboodles” – A lonely Miss Endive decides to cook herself a man-dish for a date. But when she rushes the dish, it goes horribly wrong.
Thursday, August 27: “Gazpacho Moves In” – After Gazpacho has a falling out with his mother, he moves in to the Catering Company. It isn’t long before he overstays his welcome. “The Dice Cycle” – When Chowder accidentally wrecks Mung’s childhood dice cycle, he blames it on Ceviché.

Thursdays at 8 p.m. (ET, PT)

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is a half-hour comedy series from Cartoon Network created by Thurop Van Orman and is produced at Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, Calif. Raised by Bubbie the talking blue whale in the bubbling splendor of the sea, young Flapjack once enjoyed a life of peace and tranquility. That all ended the day he and Bubbie rescued Captain K’nuckles, a crusty and cantankerous old pirate from a shipwreck. The seafaring buccaneer’s tall tales quickly tangle up Flapjack’s head like a squid in a Silly String factory, consuming him with an insatiable desire for adventure. Although Bubbie struggles to protect him, Flapjack is eager to leave the safety of his childhood behind and prepare himself to be a man of adventure. As a result, he’s simply unable to resist the urge to do anything it takes to win the approval of Captain K’nuckles, even if it means getting himself into a lot of trouble and serious danger. New episodes of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack air Thursdays at 8 p.m. as part of the HAR HAR THARSDAYS block.

Thursday, August 6: “SHUT IT” – Flap and K’nuck try walking in each other’s shoes. “Who’s Moochin’ Who?”– Flap & Knuckles take in a rich stranger in the hopes he’ll give them some money
Thursday, August 13: “Over the Moon” – Flap and K’nuck get stuck on the moon, which maybe the key to finding Candy Island. “100 Percencus” – Flap becomes a census taker but K’nuckles refuse to be accounted for.
Thursday, August 20: “Off With His Hat” – K’nuckles and Flap on must track down K’nuckles missing hat on an island of monkeys. “K’nuckles And His Hilarious Problem” – Flap tries to break K’nuckles of his addiction to candy.
Thursday, August 27: “Fancy Pants” – K’nuckles will do anything to get into the VIP section at the Candy Barrel. “Tee Hee Tummy Tums” – Flap helps the mysterious Tee Hee Tummy Tums sell combs to the people of Stomralong.

Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. (ET, PT)

Stoked is an animated situational comedy about six teenaged groms who come together one summer to share a dream: o work at the world renowned Surfer’s Paradise Resort on the legendary Sunset Island, home of the most epic surf break in the country! For twelve weeks, they’ll spend their first summer away from home, work the hardest that they’ve ever worked in their lives and, most importantly, have the opportunity to SURF on their days off! Hang 10 Thursdays at 8:30 (ET, PT) to catch Stoked, the newest addition to the HAR HAR THARSDAYS block.

Thursday, August 6: “The Very, Very, Very, Very, Very Important Guest” – A VIP guest (the editor in chief of “Luxury Vacations Magazine”) is coming to the hotel. Bummer lectures them all that they must not screw up this week – the hotel’s entire reputation depends on it.
Thursday, August 13: “Hang 9!” – When Reef and Fin compete on the waves and this time, someone got hurt. Reef breaks his baby toe and is unable to teach surfing. Bummer puts Fin in his place while he milks time off for all it’s worth… but could Fin actually be better at Reef’s job than he is?
Thursday, August 20: “Take Your Kook to Work Day” – All of the groms know the cardinal rule about their sacred surf spot, “The Office”. You DON’T. BRING. TOURISTS. TO. THE. OFFICE. No kooks, no friends, no sisters from out east… and definitely no boyfriends.
Thursday, August 27: “Waves of Cheese” – Reef is giving a mad cute guest a private lesson and laying the lines on thick. The poor girl is lapping it up, but Fin and Emma catch on – Reef is using lines straight from Break Point, the cheesy 90’s surf flick!

Thursdays at 9 p.m. (ET, PT)

Total Drama Action delivers the best moments of reality television: romances and friendships; scheming and sabotage; death-defying stunts and stomach-curdling challenges. In this season of Total Drama Action, the 14 lead contestants from Total Drama Island return and will face thrilling challenges on an abandoned film studio back-lot—all inspired by the movies! Join the big guy Owen, dimwit Lindsay, ubergeek Harold, criminal Duncan, insane Izzy, goth-girl Gwen, wannabe Beth, lively Leshawna, deep and mysterious Trent, party guy Geoff, Bridgette, queen bee Heather, over-achieving Courtney and jaw-droppingly gorgeous Justin for more insane competitions in their new digs – a huge indoor/outdoor film studio converted into the world’s most challenging reality show set ever! The series airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. (ET, PT) as part of the HAR HAR THARSDAYS block.

Thursday, August 6: “The Sand Witch Project” – When Chris dramatically drops in on the cast, complete with fake blood spatters, everyone realizes that it’s time for the horror movie challenge. It was only a matter of time!
Thursday, August 13: “Masters of Disasters” – The cast miss DJ’s delicious cooking as they are tempted to lose their disgusting lunch on this week’s disaster movie-themed challenges. On the ‘Earthquake of Inevitable Pain’, the Grips and Gaffers are pelted with everything from Chef’s unwanted stuff, to hail-sized golf balls and finally, tomato soup masquerading as lava.
Thursday, August 20: “Full Metal Drama” – The Screaming Gaffers are falling apart at the seams, so when a war movie challenge is announced, they’re not the most cohesive platoon in the world.
Thursday, August 27: “Aftermath, For Gwen and Forget?” – Geoff and Bridgette welcome us to another super juicy episode of the Total Drama Action Aftermath show! Once again, they’re joined by season one’s ousted competitors, viewer webcams, as well as two special guests – DJ and Gwen.

Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. (ET, PT)

Every Thursday, catch a new episode of this hilarious show about six teen-age best friends. Join Nikki, Jonsey, Jude, Jen, Wyatt and Caitlin as they bumble their way through after-school hijinks at the mall. From crushes to first jobs and enormous zits to zombies, these 6 friends are finding out that being on their own is just as awesome as they always thought it would be. Another great series from the creators of Total Drama Island, 6Teen airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. as part of the HAR HAR THARSDAYS block.

Thursday, August 6: “In a Retail Wonderland” – Once again it’s the craziest time of year at the mall – Christmas. In order to try and avoid a retail meltdown this year, Jen learns some yoga moves from Star to de-stress.
Thursday, August 13: “Midnight Madness” – It’s December 29th and nobody in the gang has plans for New Year’s Eve so they all beg Jen to have a party at her place.
Thursday, August 20: “Dirty Work” – When Jude just can’t seem to break up with his new clingy girlfriend of three dates, Rita, Jonesy offers to step in and do the dirty work for him.
Thursday, August 27: “Spring Fling” – When Nikki can’t compete for attention against annoying Spring Dance queen whoopla, she decides to enter the dance queen contest herself so she has a platform for her cause.