MENTAL Two Hour Season Finale (Episode 12 & 13)


Watch a preview of the two hour season finale MENTAL “Life & Limb/Bad Moon Rising” Episode 12 and 13 airing this Friday August 14 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Also you can watch Mental Episode here.

Episode Synopsis: MENTAL “Life & Limb/Bad Moon Rising” Episode 12 and 13 – When factory worker Brian Jennings is admitted to Wharton Memorial with a few chopped off fingers, Arturo and Chloe believe they can be re-attached. However, after he refuses any type of surgery, his boss claims that Brian has purposely cut off his fingers to collect disability payments for the rest of his life. The doctors are soon left questioning the true motives for his dismemberment when an even darker secret is discovered at Brian’s apartment. Meanwhile, when Nora assigns Veronica to Jack’s sister, Becky’s, case, Jack argues with his colleagues and his parents about the course of her treatment. When Becky tells Jack she’s moving to Florida to a facility near their parents, he struggles with the decision to keep his sister close or to let her go. Meanwhile, when Ellis Kahane tries to check himself into the psych ward at Wharton Memorial claiming to be a werewolf that will transform at the next full moon, Carl turns him away. Things take a dangerous turn when Ellis takes the entire team hostage to prove to them his transformation will take place when the sun goes down. As Wharton is faced with serious budget deficits, Nora struggles in her attempts to find proper funding for the hospital, and is forced to make a difficult decision when given a tempting offer. Also, Jack speaks with a surprising therapist regarding his recent troubles in the “Life & Limb/Bad Moon Rising” two-hour season finale episode of MENTAL airing Friday, Aug. 14 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Cast: Chris Vance as Jack Gallagher; Annabella Sciorra as Nora Skoff; Jacqueline McKenzie as Veronica Hayden-Jones; Derek Webster as Carl Belle; Marisa Ramirez as Chloe Artis; Nicholas Gonzalez as Arturo Suarez; Edwin Hodge as Malcolm Darius Washington

Guest Cast: Amanda Douge as Becky Gallagher; Alex Weed as Brian Jennings; Samantha Eggar as Margo Stroud; Madison Mason as James Stroud; Ellen Crawford as Andrea Jennings; Michael Durrell as Alan Jennings; Brian Howe as Bob Escamilla; Patrick Y. Malone as Julio; Michelle Krusiec as Dr. Aimee Lin; Brando Eaton as Gabe; Joseph D. Reitman as Ellis Kahane; Lex Medlin as Thom Hygard; Laura Johnson as Georgia Riede

(Photos: Courtesy of FOX)