GLEE “Bust Your Windows” Performance Video

Glee Cast

Check out an scene from GLEE that has released. It features Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley) singing “Bust Your Windows” originally sung by Jazmine Sullivan.

Now I love Glee and I can’t wait to see new episodes this Fall, but I am a little worried that it is becoming a musical show, instead of a show in which there are musical numbers performed by the Glee club, which was pretty much what the first episode was. I personally wouldn’t mind Glee becoming a musical since I am addicted to them, but I do know of a few people who would stop watching the show because of it. And since I want Glee to do good, I really hope they stick with the formula that made the first episode so popular.

But for now enjoy the video below and don’t forget to tune in to the Glee premiere this Fall on September 9 at 9pm on Fox.