TRUE BLOOD “Timebomb” (Season 2 Episode 8) Review

True Blood Time Bomb

It seemed like such a long week before tonight’s new episode of TRUE BLOOD, “Timebomb.” I was mostly excited to see more of Godric, who looked ridiculously cool at the end of last week’s episode.

And I am glad to say we got plenty of Godric this episode, and he’s an even better character that I imagined he could be. But before I get too much into Godric’s appearance this episode, let’s talk about what happened to our favorite characters.

Hoyt & Jessica

These two live in their own universe, and I’ve really enjoyed their storyline so far. The whole “being a virgin forever” thing was actually pretty smart writing, I never thought about that before. I wonder how it will affect their relationship.
On another note, I do wish both of them would get a little more involved with other characters of the show from now on.


Sam is just really unlucky. Not only did Daphne not turn out to be who he thought she was, but she ends up dead in his freezer! And to make matters worse, the only person who can exonerate him is Andy, who has not been the most reliable witness. The one thing that I do wonder is, what does Maryann want to do with Sam? Why is she so bent on getting him?


Eggs and Tara are not getting any smarter it seems, since they told Maryann about the blacking out.
And the whole eating Daphne’s heart was really too much for me. Ugh!
Although I do expect Sookie to come home soon, so I wonder how she will react to everything that has been happening in her house.


Speaking of Sookie, she was finally rescued by Godric, Eric and Bill. Oh and let’s not forget Jason.
I think the very best part though, was her standing up to Lorena, you gotta love that!


Didn’t I say that Jason would go bezerk if he ever found out about the Fellowship holding Sookie?! That’s why he is such a likeable character. And the whole hugging Bill part…priceless!


However cool I imagined Godric to be, he is a hundred times that. I definitely didn’t expect the oldest vampire to be the most reasonable and spiritual vampire ever. But at the same time, this is definitely one of the smartest writing, because it does take into account the wiseness that comes with thousands of years of being alive. I love Godric, love what he stands for, love how he carries himself, and I love how Allan Hyde plays him. It was such a great casting.
And of course my favorite scene was when Godric put Lorena in her place. Come on, you know you were all cheering at that point.


And finally, I’ll be damned, because I never saw that ending with Luke as a suicide bomber coming. Obviously, I expect Sookie, Jason and Eric to survive, but will Godric survive as well? I sure hope so because he is now officially the most awesome vampire ever.

I don’t think I need to express how much I love True Blood and how excited I am for next week’s episode again, so I’ll just leave the floor open for you guys to let me know what you thought of this week’s episode in the comments below. Who loves Godric as much as I do?

Please remember to keep the spoilers to a minimum for those who haven’t read the books.

(Photo: John P Johnson/HBO)