TRUE BLOOD “Timebomb” (Season 2 Episode 8) Review

True Blood Time Bomb

It seemed like such a long week before tonight’s new episode of TRUE BLOOD, “Timebomb.” I was mostly excited to see more of Godric, who looked ridiculously cool at the end of last week’s episode.

And I am glad to say we got plenty of Godric this episode, and he’s an even better character that I imagined he could be. But before I get too much into Godric’s appearance this episode, let’s talk about what happened to our favorite characters.

Hoyt & Jessica

These two live in their own universe, and I’ve really enjoyed their storyline so far. The whole “being a virgin forever” thing was actually pretty smart writing, I never thought about that before. I wonder how it will affect their relationship.
On another note, I do wish both of them would get a little more involved with other characters of the show from now on.


Sam is just really unlucky. Not only did Daphne not turn out to be who he thought she was, but she ends up dead in his freezer! And to make matters worse, the only person who can exonerate him is Andy, who has not been the most reliable witness. The one thing that I do wonder is, what does Maryann want to do with Sam? Why is she so bent on getting him?


Eggs and Tara are not getting any smarter it seems, since they told Maryann about the blacking out.
And the whole eating Daphne’s heart was really too much for me. Ugh!
Although I do expect Sookie to come home soon, so I wonder how she will react to everything that has been happening in her house.


Speaking of Sookie, she was finally rescued by Godric, Eric and Bill. Oh and let’s not forget Jason.
I think the very best part though, was her standing up to Lorena, you gotta love that!


Didn’t I say that Jason would go bezerk if he ever found out about the Fellowship holding Sookie?! That’s why he is such a likeable character. And the whole hugging Bill part…priceless!


However cool I imagined Godric to be, he is a hundred times that. I definitely didn’t expect the oldest vampire to be the most reasonable and spiritual vampire ever. But at the same time, this is definitely one of the smartest writing, because it does take into account the wiseness that comes with thousands of years of being alive. I love Godric, love what he stands for, love how he carries himself, and I love how Allan Hyde plays him. It was such a great casting.
And of course my favorite scene was when Godric put Lorena in her place. Come on, you know you were all cheering at that point.


And finally, I’ll be damned, because I never saw that ending with Luke as a suicide bomber coming. Obviously, I expect Sookie, Jason and Eric to survive, but will Godric survive as well? I sure hope so because he is now officially the most awesome vampire ever.

I don’t think I need to express how much I love True Blood and how excited I am for next week’s episode again, so I’ll just leave the floor open for you guys to let me know what you thought of this week’s episode in the comments below. Who loves Godric as much as I do?

Please remember to keep the spoilers to a minimum for those who haven’t read the books.

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  • I agree with you, Sandie. This episode was AMAZING. And I have to say that it veered greatly from the books which kept me on the edge of my seat. I hope Godric sticks around longer too. Finally! A time where Jason does more than sleep with people and ask stupid. Although the line “why don’t you grow a brain cell” by Mrs. Newlin was pretty funny.

    As for the rest, I am about ready for them to put the Maryanne storyline to bed. It is grating on my nerves and the eating of the heart which did not even look like it had been cooked was disgusting.

    I just cannot wait for next week!

  • Bethany

    I totally agree with you best episode yet. Well actually a close second to “scratches”. Eric looked absolutly delicious. I loved the part when Eric was holding a stake to that guys throut and Sookie said you dont have to kill him. Then he threw the stake down like a two year old throwing a tantrum. SO CUTE!!!!

    Totally hoping Godric survives also, because he is the coolest vampire. Even more humble then Bill. But one thing, what was that about in the beginning when that guy Godric wripped off Sookie said “Godric its me.” What was that about really, is Godric working with them?

  • killian

    i had the same question… it seemed as if the LODI trainer knew Godric in some sense… also, backtracking a little, whatever happened to Jessica’s famiy after Bill came to her house?

  • Beanie

    Wow! True Blood is the only reason I have HBO anymore. I am totally impressed with this show, the actors and the storyline. And Sookie and Bill are real life engaged! The actor who plays Godric is very impressive. He is young yet he believably plays an old soul who has seen much. I love how he “schooled” Lorena like the schoolyard bully and “choked a bitch”. LOL!

  • @Dani – Yes, the Maryann story needs to wrap up soon.

    @Bethany – I was wondering the same thing, but maybe it had to do with Godric letting the Fellowship capture him.

    @killian – Bill glamoured Jessica’s family so they wouldn’t remember what happened.

  • Beanie

    @ Killian – Bill “glamoured” Jessica’s family to the brink of insanity he said. So basically they don’t remember her being there or being a vampire.

  • David

    This has to be the best episode of the season so far. Godric was absolutely amazing! The fact that he is without a doubt the most powerful vampire we have seen, yet he is also the most compassionate makes his character easy to like. I loved when he replied to the reverend saying he was older than his Jesus, & that he was to busy to meet him.

    When Lorena and Sookie were arguing I found myself wishing that Sookie was a vampire. I haven’t read the books so I’m just dieing to see if she gets turned; or if anyone from Bon Temps does.

    Could Lukes bomb actually harm a vampire like Godric? And could that push him to retaliate? Oo I can’t wait until the next episode to see what the result of the bomb is.

    Hopefully Mayanne’s role will be ending soon, I almost gagged watching Tara and Eggs eat Daphne’s heart. Next episode we should be finding out why she wants Sam so bad.

  • Derek

    it was awsome..but i didnt see anything about a bomb!..but i lvoe sookie ant the others..feel so sad for sam and tara..but cnt wait till next sunday!

  • Bev

    This was by far the best and most interesting episode yet. I didn’t partically like Eggs and Tara eating Daphiny’s heart, that was a little gross,but hey I think her character is the devil or somthing similar.
    Godric is a great asset to this series, could teach Eric and the others some good hopefully. I hope that the vampires get ahold of Maryanne and dispose of her soon! Wander whats in store next for Jason, and Laphiette.

  • L

    I hope Isabella survived as well! I know Stan was in the promo as being dead. Would make sense if Godric didn’t survive, but enjoyed him as well.

  • L

    Getting bored with the whole Maryanne storyline, needs some progression ASAP!

  • D

    I hope they do not write off Godric as quickly throwing himself on Luke to save everyone else or something horrible like that.
    Eric, still fine as ever. I loved when he smiled after warning Jason & when he performed his fake southern accent. I really want him to be with Sookie, just to see him smile more and act sweetly. But then Bill would get all boo hooey.

  • Jonny

    I loved this episode, especially the argument between Lorena and Sookie. Sookie was very very brave standing up to Lorena, and I don’t think Sookie can turn into a vampire because Lorena tried to bite the other mind-reader from the hotel, and she said “You taste different…what are you?” Also, I can’t believe that most of you want the Maryann storyline to wrap up! I love this storyline, it is so myterious and creepy. I get that the progession of it might be a little slow, but I want to see what happens. She has something to do with the Vampires…I just know it! Also, I love how True Blood has more supernatural beings besides vampires (e.g. shapeshifters, mind-readers, and whatever in hell Maryann is…perhaps a demon, goddess, or a combo of both??), it adds to the magic of the show.

  • Eliza

    Somebody Bite me. I loved this Episode. I Agree with Daemon. Allan Hyde Played the Role Great. I could’nt stop thinking Damm Allan Hyde is so Fine. But back to the point. I hope in the next incoming episodes Sookie and Eric have more Scenes Together. Also With Jessica I hope to see her Interact with More Charactor then just hoyt, Sookie& Bill.

  • PR

    @David-agree about the Jesus line. You really get a sense of Godric’s age. I always thought that if I had been aruond during Jesus’ time, I probably would have missed the whole Jesus thing also.

    Tara, Eggs, and Maryann have really jumped the shark-the only flaw in this great series. I wonder if Alan has a thing for the actress that plays Maryann. Otherwise, why would he continue to “beat a dead horse” with this storyline?

    Can someone please tell Alan Ball to stick to the vamps and Stackhouses in Season 3. Maybe he should let Charlaine Harris write the episodes.

  • I doubt they would ever turn Sookie into a vampire. It would ruin the whole premises of the story – that is, a simple girl with an unusual gift and her interactions with other supes and vamps and how that affects her life. If they turned her, it would just be all about vampires.

    @Derek – did you miss the last 5 minutes when Luke walked into the next with a bomb full of silver strapped to him?

  • willa

    i’m a bit slow and haven’t watched the 8th episode yet
    but was just wondering. in episode 7 godric pulled the rapist dude of sukkie right. or was is erik?

  • willa – it was Godric that pulled Gabe off of Sookie.

  • NoName

    Godric is gonna die saving everyone in the bar. He’ll jump over Luke as the bomb explodes. Then there’ll be 2 sides in the vampire nest : One for Godric’s views on humanity, the other against. Pretty cliched but reasonable huh?

  • willow

    thanks dani.

    can’t wait to watch episode 8.
    i’m in aus so will have to wait a day.
    sad if godric dies.

    I probably seem real lost, but whose Luke?

  • Liz

    Daphne told Sam what Marianne is that night they were at the swimmin’ hole before she got killed by eggs. Marianne is a “Maenad” a servant of satan or a devil in her own right. She’s there to cause nothing but trouble. I don’t know but I wonder if she wants Sam for a sacrifice because of what he is. She may just be playing with him like a cat with a mouse.

    I’m wondering what the connection is between Godric and that guy that tried to rape Sookie (can’t remember his name). Why did he kill him and no one else? Godric can’t die before we find out!

    Because Vamps are fast as lightning I think someone could stop Luke before the bomb goes off. Either throw him through the window or something to get him out of Godric’s house before all the vamps are killed. One other thing, some vamp is gonna be on top of the hotel getting burnt by the sun if what I’ve been reading is true. Wonder who that will be.

  • Lolo Promeos

    I think I may be the only one who’s actually interested in the whole Maryann storyline. lol 🙂 I think she’s awesome! Batshit cazy… but awesome! Haha!

  • Debra

    I think Maryann wants to take over the Vamps. She is the oldest, being there from the beginning. Remember what she said to Sam in “Shake & Fibgerpop” ….”You’re really not an Alpha” (Alpha) is the beginning in Greek. Also when Isabella says what could have kept Godric captured, Eric replied that it whatever it was it wasn’t human. So maybe she’s connected somehow.

  • EK

    I’m not sure if I am remembering this correctly, but in the books the Maenad (Maryann) came to BonTemps and the surrounding area to collect money from supernatural bar owners. Since in mythology the Maenad was a handmaiden of Dionysis – god of wine and good times – the Maenad has a link to bars etc. In the book she was there to collect money both from Sam and from Eric. If they didn’t pay up she would make things very difficult for both of them. I realize, of course, the the tv show has strayed quite a bit from the books. So far, I like the directions that the show has gone in.

  • Jennifer

    I’m afraid that they are going to kill off Godrick next week. It would make sense that he would sacrifice himself to save everyone and again he didn’t seem too concerned to get away from the Fellowship on the eve of him being fried in the sun. I don’t see him in anymore previews for the rest of season either. Does anyone know if he is killed off for real in the books because I thought someone said a while ago that he died at the church in the books? Maybe this is the show’s twist on killing him off. You know I can’t do anything on Sundays anymore because I am just waiting all day for the show to start at 9pm, also like that they play last week’s episode again around 5pm or 6pm so I can get refreshed again while waiting.

  • NoName


    Good news everyone Godric is not dead here’s the synopsis:
    In this episode, A wounded Eric taking advantage of Sookie’s good nature and plays her for a sucker. Later, Sookie and Jason bond over their adventures. Lafayette and Lettie Mae try to figure out a way to save their kin from Maryann’s clutches. Jailed by Bud along with a group of Bon Temps revelers, Sam tries to set himself free and avoid Maryann. In Dallas, Eric and the vampires are floored by Godric’s decision to take the fall for their disastrous PR.

  • Leni

    I agree with Jennifer that they are going to kill Godric. In the preview that we read it says Godric takes the fall, I think it means that they are going to drain him. Could be wrong (hope that I am wrong)

    It is very smart writing to show how Godric has evolved, remember when he was first introduced, he was a killing machine. Killing Eric’s friends.
    the connection between Godric and the guy he killed is obvious, they know each other. Godric is there voluntarily (he said so) and he said the people there treated him well. It would make sense that the broken neck guy would be the person who interacts with Godric the most, he is the keeper of the Rev’s secrets.

    that Maryann plot is beginning to drag for me. I cannot believe that an entire town cannot realise what is happening. Makes no sense. And howcome only certain people are involved, and others unaffected.

  • Henme

    [Book SPOILERS]

    Jennifer—-In the book, Godric dies. He was a “renouncer” who aligned himself with human radicals (Fellowship of the Sun) and planned to commit suicide by going into the sun which he does eventually do. After centuries of killing innocent children, he thought that he deserved to die. But I don’t know that I would worry, they don’t seem to be following the book too much. In the book, Godric was neither a Sheriff nor Eric’s maker, and Stan was the Sheriff of area 6 in Texas.

  • Gaby

    I loved this episode as well, and I love GODRIC! I really enjoy watching Jason protect his sister it shows how much love he does have for her even after all thats happened between them. I doubt that were going to see Godric anymore. If there making the show any close to the book than Godric might not be around for long. I agree with everyone that sayd MaryAnn must be taken out, she is getting on my nerves. I wonder how they would kill her off if by Daphnes words she is almost like a GOD

  • I liked how the episode focused on the vampires instead of Maryann. Her story has been going stale and if the writers aren’t going to advance the story anytime soon, they shouldn’t continue with the constant result-less orgies. I have a full review of the episode on my blog.

  • Beanie

    I am also tiring of Marianne and her orgy/parties….LOL! And Tara being stupid. As much as this girl had her guard up last season..she is all trusting to a stranger?

  • David

    Well you can’t forget that it’s not all Tara’s fault. Maryanne is controlling her and the lives of everyone in the town. She is most likely making Tara feel as though she’s safe with her with whatever powers it is that she has over peoples feelings.
    In the preview for next weeks episode Maryanne says that god wants Sam as a sacrifice..Could she mean that literally?

  • willow – Luke is the guy from Fellowship of the Sun that played the trick on Jason. I think we all know is name because Jason says it quite clearly in Episode 8. You need to watch it ASAP.

    PR – if Alan Ball let Charlaine Harris write the episodes, there would be way more than vamps and Stackhouses in the mix.

    I think the whole Godric evolving and passing on his wisdom to Eric may play a part in softening Eric to let the Sookie/Eric arc evolve since it appears it will not happen as in the book.

  • Tefaunce

    i am writing this review quickly b4 work so ill be fast as possible. I agree with everything the 1st poster said. I can see Godric surviving the bomb(If it goes off) because that woman walk in ahead of him so thats his human(Vampire) sheild is all i have to add. True Blood is an awesome series

  • Devil952

    This is the best TV show I have ever watched in my life

  • Dexter

    Damn Spoilers. Well Godric is cool I like how she made Lorena stay quiet. I forgot Eric still has his own agenda by making Lafayette doing his old job of selling Vamp Blood again. Damn Eric what is his goal. LOL when Sookie said, You love your Maker. Don’t use words I don’t understand, HAHAHAHA Eric the gay vampire.

  • Dexter – Eric definitely not gay. He doesn’t understand what the word “love” means because he has been dead so long he doesn’t have a lot of human emotions left. Which is probably why he is always so calm and aloof. This is the only time I remember him smiling in the show.

  • @Dexter @Dani – I thought Eric said “Don’t use words you don’t understand.” Because as he explained she just can’t understand the relationship between a maker and his offspring.

  • Sandie – that is what he said at first. It went like this, although not verbatim:

    Sookie: Godric is your maker.
    Eric: Don’t use words you don’t understand.
    Sookie: You have a lot of love for him.
    Eric: Don’t use words I don’t understand.

  • @Dani – Thanks for the clarification, I guess I missed that subtlety 😉

  • Sandie – no problem. I watched a preview of that conversation twice and watched Sunday’s episode three times already. I think I know it by heart. Yes, I have a problem 🙂

  • Haha. I think it’s an ok problem to have!

  • MADintheROC

    I was thinking about crazy Maryanne and what it is that she’s up to.. anyone think it’s possible that she’ll try to use Tara to kill Sookie? We haven’t seen much interaction w/ Sookie & Maryanne and that sorta makes me think there is more to the story.. plus we just found out that Maryanne is a maenad and that is what attacked Sookie..

  • Fayray4657

    I saw the first eppy last season and ran out to buy all the books. It started off well, but has strayed so far from the books that it’s really nothing like them anymore. Maryann should have come and gone by now cause a Maenad doesn’t stay in the same place for long. Lorena capures Bill and Sookie was suppose to save him and kill Lorena in the process, instead of Bill running to her rescue once again. They are making it really hard for me to see where the Eric/Sookie is going to get a kick start.

    Honestly, I started with the show, loving it. But ruined it for myself by reading the books, which are even better. lol