ENTOURAGE “Fore” Review Season 6 Episode 5

Entourage Fore

ENTOURAGE (or as I like to call it, the most relaxing show on TV) just aired its newest episode “Fore” (Season 6 Episode 5) and here is my review.

In this Entourage episode, Vince and the gang go to a charity golf tournament where Vince and Drama pair up with Mark Wahlberg and Tom Brady and Eric meeting Sloan’s Godfather Murray who offers a job offer in his successful Management firm. All the while, Ari is playing with his client Jeffrey Tambor while trying to mend things with his wife who is still mad at him for hiding the affair from her.

The Vince-Drama storyline was funny but not really innovative. It was mostly Drama embarrassing himself and the rest of the crew making fun of him. Boy, he is a sore loser. Can’t play golf to save his life.

Ari’s storyline was more focused on him trying to juggle his wife and Jeffrey Tambor giving him grief for not being very truthful. I got say that I was with Ari on this one. You don’t rat out your boy no matter what.

Eric’ storyline was funny as usual in how awkward he dealt with the Job offer he got, the meddling for Sloan and the killer final line of the episode where he said the worst thing a guy can say to his girlfriend. To be honest, I don’t understand why he’s not just dumping that girl and going with Sloan.

Overall this was a pretty fun Entourage episode and next week will be interesting because Drama and Jamie Lynn are finally going to make out. There is going to be drama! (No pun intended)

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(Photo: claudette barius/HBO)