Aimee Teegarden to Guest Star in LEGEND OF THE SEEKER

Aimee Teegarden

Here is a reason for Friday Night Lights fans to tune in to the great show, LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, when it returns this Fall, Aimee Teegarden (who plays Julie Taylor) is going to guest star in an episode.

According to Watch With Kristin, Aimee Teegarden will play one of the last Confessors, named Annabelle.

She will first appear in episode 4 of the new season of Legend of the Seeker which premieres on November 7.

Here are a few additional details about her part below (although there might be spoilers, so read at your own risk):

“…Annabelle has been locked in a tower her whole life and isn’t fully aware of her power as a Confessor. When she escapes she “goes a little crazy and starts confessing everyone around her,” Aimee said. Because there are so few Confessors remaining, Kahlan does her best to protect Annabelle from harm. Meanwhile, Annabelle wants to run away with a boy named Flynn, whom she has confessed. Kahlan and Richard need Flynn to help them find a key, so Kahlan tries to stop Annabelle from fleeing with him, but the real drama begins when Annabelle retaliates against Kahlan…”