SKINS Season 3 Review

Skins Season 3 cast

After catching up on the first two seasons of SKINS and falling in love with the show, it was time to watch the first three episodes of season 3, which premieres tonight, August 6, at 9pm on BBC America.

Apart from Effy, Tony’s sister and Pandora, whom we also met in season 2, the cast from season 1 and 2 is gone and season 3 introduces the second generation of Skins. This new generation includes Effy and Pandora, whom I mentioned above, Thomas Tomone, who just emigrated from the Congo, Katie and Emily Fitch, two very different twin sisters, Naomi Campbell, who is in no way related to the top model, James Cook, Freddie Mclair and JJ Jones, three childhood best friends.

So how does this new generation compare to the first one? Of course, no one will ever be able to replace the first generation, but I was open to discovering new characters and getting involved in their stories. Unfortunately, so far I don’t think the new cast is as compelling as the first one, and neither are their stories. Now don’t get me wrong, I still like the show, but the first generation set up my expectations really high and so far this new season hasn’t met them.

I have two main issues with this new season:

1) Cook is just not likable at all, and so far I haven’t seen any redeeming factors. Now while Chris (from generation 1) was obsessed with sex and came off like a jackass a little at first, there was always something sweet about him. The problem with Cook is that I don’t understand why people are friends with him. But I’m hoping we find out more about him throughout the season that will change my opinion.

2) Episode 2 and 3 introduce a sort of villain, a gangster called Johnny White, which I could have done without. It took me out of the story and it just didn’t fit with the teen feel.

Other than that, Skins is still a show that I think is worth watching. And I have already set my season pass for it. Plus in its defense, I think Skins is a series that you can only judge once you have seen the overall arch of the story, which I haven’t yet. And so I’m expecting plenty of exciting new storylines and a finale that will leave us begging for more.

Don’t forget to watch the season 3 premiere of Skins tonight at 9pm on BBC America.