TRUE BLOOD “Release Me” Review (Season 2 Episode 7)


Tonight’s episode of TRUE BLOOD, “Release Me,” went by so fast, it was so good. Seriously, when it ended it felt like I had only been watching for 20 minutes or something. But before I talk about that killer ending, let’s first talk about what happened before that.

Jessica & Hoyt

Seriously, can these two get any cuter?!


Bill is one of my favorite characters but the whole flashbacks with Lorena were just getting a little boring in this episode. He needs to get out of that room already!


After finding himself in a really scary place last week, Sam is able to escape Maryann by changing himself into an owl, which was so cool!
Unfortunately for him, Daphne is not the woman he has been waiting for. And even worse, Andy is the only other one who knows the truth about Maryann, but everyone thinks he’s crazy so that doesn’t help him much. Here’s a thought though, Daphne told Sam that Maryann’s powers don’t work on supernatural beings, so do you think they would work on Sookie?


Speaking of Daphne, not only is she not the one for Sam, but even if she was, we won’t be seeing her anymore, since Maryann decided to get rid of her through Eggs. Which also means the blood that Tara and Eggs found was most definitely another victim of Maryann.


So we finally know what Maryann is, a Maenad, which is the female follower of the Greek God Dionysus (the god of wine). They are usually pictured in a state of ecstatic frenzy, in which they lose self control, which leads to shouting and uncontrolled sexual behavior… yep that totally describes Maryann’s orgies.


It seems that Tara is finally thinking that something weird is going on, but she needs to wake up, and so does Eggs.


So I guess my question about whether or not Steve and Sarah knew that Jason was Sookie’s brother was answered tonight. And like I mentioned before, I totally knew that Jason would do anything for his sister. I mean he beat up Gabe just for saying something bad about her, just imagine what he would do if he knew that they were keeping her prisoner.
But of course the big shocker was that Sarah shot him, although whatever she was holding looked a little different than a regular gun, and we didn’t see whether or not Jason was actually shot, so I don’t think it’s the last we will see of him.


Sookie is stuck in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun Church with Hugo, whom we find out is the leak.
Her powers become very useful when she calls out telepathically to Barry the Bellboy, who is able to go ask Bill for help, although it is Eric that runs to her rescue. And while I was sure Eric was the one who was going to save Sookie from Gabe, we meet…


First of all how the hell did he get out? Second of all, how awesome is he?! And third of all, I cannot believe they ended the episode right there! I think Godric might become one of my new favorite vampires.

Week after week, True Blood delivers quality episodes like we rarely see on TV, and that’s why we love it. I am of course curious to hear all your thoughts about tonight’s episode, so please share in the comments below.

Please respectful and don’t post any spoilers in the comments. Thanks.

(Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO)

  • Demi

    Just wanted to say great review. I love True Blood and this season is killing me. Just wanted to mention that no Jason was shot with a paintball gun. Refer to the teaser trailor that was posted for Comic Con. Sarah is talking to him saying that he was sent to ruin her vows to her husband blah blah blah. Jason isn’t dead and I’m not sure if he’ll even find out about Sookie.

  • Alyria

    I love Jessica and Hoyt so much I could cry. They are soooo sweet. I hope she doesn’t accidentally take a chunk out of him in the throws of passion.

    As for Maryann, I was right, I was right, I was right. Did I mention that I was right?

    I’m also wondering how Godric got free and why he is off saving some random chick (Sookie) and not running for his bloody life or killing everyone in that church in a fit of rage.

    Speaking of rage…last week there was a question about if Hugo was being glamored. Maybe she should have glamored him, he would have been more loyal. I can’t wait to see when she finds out how he betrayed her. I hope she rips him to pieces.

  • @Demi – Thanks. So I was right about Jason being around for a bit longer 🙂 I knew the gun looked kind of weird.

    @Alyria – I always thought Hugo was a little suspicious and I also wonder how the girlfriend is going to react.

  • Gaby

    I’m also a bit scared that Jessica might lsoe control and harm Hoyt, but I adore them. I was quite surprised that Sara shot Jason, but I think it may have been a tranquilizer gun? He cannot be dead! As far as Godric getting out, I thought the previews for next week’s revealed that Eric offered himself in place of Godric. By the way, Godric is awesome despite how little screen time he has received. However, it still leaves the question of how Godric got kidnapped in the first place. Obviously, a betrayal from a human couldn’t have been it, like Eric said he is very old and probably twice as powerful.
    I also despise Lorena.

  • dflowen

    Well can’t wait for next sunday. I have suggestions for Bill call Jessica to help out or jump out the window and keep story hopping until you get away from the mean lady LOLZ. Jason can’t be dead that gun looked familiar that Sarah was using.

    To save or kill them all we need Alucard from Hellsing.

  • Boobie

    Well I called it–Hugo was a traitor…It seems like his maker kind of knew it too. The question is who yanked Barry the Bellboy out of the hallway?? Once again, J&H for prom king/queen 2010. Lafayette is part psychic because he called out Eggs on first glance….Tara can be saved but it is obvious that Eggs has given himself to Maryann like the motor mouth Daphne–Tara just needs to put two & two together quickly like she used to do when she was in love with Jason…Poor Sam, can’t catch a break OR step up to the plate…Why didn’t he shoot Daphne when she gave up all the info…Good to see that he can fly, though. I think Godric is trying to find out about the traitors in the Texas group. Something ain’t right with his crew. No more Lorena & Bill, she needs to move on and stop blocking. She’s more annoying than Maryann. Bill might have to go ahead and turn Sookie b/c all this using her to control him is really punking him out as a vamp. And then there’s our favorite village idiot, Jason. He just can’t win for trying but he is the ultimate loveable looser and he may be the key bringing down LOD loonies in the media. I’m starting to feel sorry for Andy b/c all this mess is going to drive him crazy for real… This episode was packed-GREAT!!!

  • Loved last night’s episode. I was happy with the things that they kept true to the book and even happy when they veered. Once again, it is hard for me to comment because I know a lot of answers from the book (like I knew that Maryann was a maenard and I knew Hugo was the traitor), so I will just stick to stuff I dont know.

    As everyone else, I also love Jessica and Hoyt. They are just too cute. I do wonder, however, if at some point as Jessica becomes less human and more vamp, if their relationship will crumble.

    Good for Jason beating Gabe up! I also doubt he knows about Sookie as it seems he was trying to run from the church. However, I bet that Mrs. Newlin mentions it when she talks to him about the betrayal.

    I must say I am disappointed in the whole Eric offering himself in place of Godric scenario. It leaves out an important part of the story from the book (although not affecting any character or the story as a whole) that I always liked and remembered. I do, however, believe Eric offers himself before he realizes that Godric is already free. That is just a guess.

    So, until next week. How many more do we have to go this season?

  • Alyria

    There are two more episodes left. Now you have me all curious about what they changed. I need to find someone who’s read the books. I don’t intend to until after the series ends so I won’t be comparing the two all the time.

  • @Dani – There are 12 episodes total this season and this was episode 7, so there are 5 more episodes left this season.

  • Alyria

    Yup, sorry 12 eps.

  • Pasquale

    Hey all!

    I have to admit that I wasn’t a True Blood” fan but somewhere in the middle of the first season, I WAS HOOKED! My wife and I LOVE the show! I read the quick synopsis of eacb book on Wiki and I love the way it’s semi exactly like the books, but not totally, so it keeps you on your feet! Every episode has been fantastic! I was a HUGE Sopranos fan (of course, I’m Italian!) and I have to say HBO has done it again!!! Can’t wait for next week!!!


  • BM

    Great episode,I’m glad Godric finally showed up.I mean if he’s as strong as everyone says he is I knew the fellowship of the sun couldn’t hold him forever.

    Oh and I think Sarah shot Jason with a tranquilizer gun.

  • niki

    Loved last night’s episode.I’m glad Godric finally showed up. i am HOOKED to true blood.

  • Sian

    I think that Sarah might of shot Jason with them paintball gun things they were using to shoot the vampire targets? I knew Hugo was the traitor and was tricking Sookie when she read his mind and she thought he was genuine!

    I hope that Erics feelings for Sookie don’t get in the way of Bill.. I’d hate to see Eric and Sookie together.

  • Tuna

    I agree that this episode was fully packed with action!! I can’t wait for next Sunday D: I don’t think Jessica is going to take a bite off him, it seems she can sort of control herself =] Or learning to any ways. They are indeed, cute for each other. I got really interested in Godric, I would love if they showed more of him on the next episode ;O~ Although Bill and Sookie are cute together, I sort of like the idea of Sookie and Eric having a sparking romance and ending up together =]. I hope they do >.> I haven’t read the books, I’m waiting for the series to end as well. Don’t want to ruin anything >.<;

  • Barry Wannabe

    Whatever happened to Barry the bellboy…did he actually die in that episode? too bad it would have been a nice plot though if he stays and he bonds with sookie

  • Alyria

    Nah, he didn’t die. He was snatched into a room by a vampire.

  • Jennifer

    I think when Eric few buy Lorena openned the door and pulled him in the room. I wonder if Lorena is going to play around with him or maybe use him for a snack while she is held up with Bill! We shall see next Sunday.

    By the way did anyone notice that Godrick wasn’t locked up in the basement at all that he just ran to Sookie’s defense like it was nothing. So if he was captured he would have been able to get out just as easy as well. I think something is up with that, I begining to think Godric is there of his own free will and he has volunteered to commit suicide. After 2,000 years and seeing what this world has turned into I wouldn’t blame him.

  • liberiangirl

    I think when Eric heard the bell boy’s message he raced to the church and freed Godric, and then Godric went to Sookie’s rescue before Eric could see where he went. Godric said “in here my child” he was obviously talking to Eric. But how the hell does Eric end up trading himself for Godric in the next episode?? Were they re-captured? He was restrained with silver in that scene.

  • liberiangirl

    Lafayette is still amped on Eric’s blood, which may be giving him some psychic abilities or maybe he could just smell blood on Eggs hands. I only hope Eric’s blood can protect him from Maryann’s spells and help him defend himself against Eggs and whomever else when he goes to see about his cousin Tara’s well-being. The preview seememed like he stood up to them or at least called them out…I hope Tara can hear him. But we were told that Maryann doesn’t work on the supernatural, may be there’s more to Layfayette besides V, he has seemed to be be pretty intuitive throughout the show, even last season he seemed to be the only one who was ever had any sense.

  • Rissa

    sooo i think that the whole episode was crazy and i cannot wait until next week!! but i think that maybe eggs is just dumb. because when he killed daphne his eyes were black so maybe he didn`t know what he was doin and he still doesn`t know what maryann really is?
    i don`t think jason is dead either. at first it was really shockin to me. but dhen it kinda looked like he was dreamin in a way. but i think everyone has established that it was not a real qun. maybe he juss feel like dhat outta shock. it looked like a paintball qun to mee.
    i think lafayette has somethin weird qoin on about him too cuz he is the only one dhat ever saw thru anyone`s acts. and he seen egg`s acts like riqht away. which leads me back to eggs. maybe he did know what he was doin? maybe what lafayette said just foreshadowed everythin about eggs.
    lorena definately needs to leave. she is annoyin and clingy. that`s all i have to say about that.
    and i agree. i think that maybe eric released qodric first? then qodric saved sookie. but i mean if dhat was the case dhen how would eric qet to sookie without anyone else seein him? and how would he not hear sookie`s screams and be instantly distracted at savin her?
    so i quess we will just find out on sunday and i cannot wait!!!!

  • Rissa

    i found somethin on youtube that is a bit more of a trailer then the promo`s for the next episode and episodes after. for season two in general but it shows alot of more to come things. if yhu wanna watch it yhu can go to then search this video. “New True Blood Comic-con Exclusive Preview Trailor”

  • Cecily

    I’m not sure why but Sam is my favorite character. He is so damn sexy! When is Sam going to get with someone that is good for him? He was in love with Sookie and I think that is who he should be with, but with she rebuffed him he jumped in the sack with Tara. And only when Mayann said he wasn’t an alpha did he suddenly become interested in Daphne. I love Tara, but they weren’t good toghether. I saw video of all the actors at comic-con and they all look awesome (esp. Sam)

  • dflowen

    @Boobie – the one that yanked Barry was Lorena, he turned on his back against the door he was speaking through Bill’s door.

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