TRUE BLOOD “Release Me” Review (Season 2 Episode 7)


Tonight’s episode of TRUE BLOOD, “Release Me,” went by so fast, it was so good. Seriously, when it ended it felt like I had only been watching for 20 minutes or something. But before I talk about that killer ending, let’s first talk about what happened before that.

Jessica & Hoyt

Seriously, can these two get any cuter?!


Bill is one of my favorite characters but the whole flashbacks with Lorena were just getting a little boring in this episode. He needs to get out of that room already!


After finding himself in a really scary place last week, Sam is able to escape Maryann by changing himself into an owl, which was so cool!
Unfortunately for him, Daphne is not the woman he has been waiting for. And even worse, Andy is the only other one who knows the truth about Maryann, but everyone thinks he’s crazy so that doesn’t help him much. Here’s a thought though, Daphne told Sam that Maryann’s powers don’t work on supernatural beings, so do you think they would work on Sookie?


Speaking of Daphne, not only is she not the one for Sam, but even if she was, we won’t be seeing her anymore, since Maryann decided to get rid of her through Eggs. Which also means the blood that Tara and Eggs found was most definitely another victim of Maryann.


So we finally know what Maryann is, a Maenad, which is the female follower of the Greek God Dionysus (the god of wine). They are usually pictured in a state of ecstatic frenzy, in which they lose self control, which leads to shouting and uncontrolled sexual behavior… yep that totally describes Maryann’s orgies.


It seems that Tara is finally thinking that something weird is going on, but she needs to wake up, and so does Eggs.


So I guess my question about whether or not Steve and Sarah knew that Jason was Sookie’s brother was answered tonight. And like I mentioned before, I totally knew that Jason would do anything for his sister. I mean he beat up Gabe just for saying something bad about her, just imagine what he would do if he knew that they were keeping her prisoner.
But of course the big shocker was that Sarah shot him, although whatever she was holding looked a little different than a regular gun, and we didn’t see whether or not Jason was actually shot, so I don’t think it’s the last we will see of him.


Sookie is stuck in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun Church with Hugo, whom we find out is the leak.
Her powers become very useful when she calls out telepathically to Barry the Bellboy, who is able to go ask Bill for help, although it is Eric that runs to her rescue. And while I was sure Eric was the one who was going to save Sookie from Gabe, we meet…


First of all how the hell did he get out? Second of all, how awesome is he?! And third of all, I cannot believe they ended the episode right there! I think Godric might become one of my new favorite vampires.

Week after week, True Blood delivers quality episodes like we rarely see on TV, and that’s why we love it. I am of course curious to hear all your thoughts about tonight’s episode, so please share in the comments below.

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(Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO)