RAISING THE BAR “Trout Fishing” Season 2 Episode 9


Watch a sneak peek of RAISING THE BAR “Trout Fishing” Season 2 Episode 9 airing this Monday August 3 at 10pm on TNT.

Episode Synopsis: RAISING THE BAR “Trout Fishing” Season 2 Episode 9 – In order to help give a woman the chance to help her son complete his college applications before she has to go into prison, Jerry tries to get a continuance based on having to work a trial in Judge Kessler’s courtroom. But Farnsworth won’t grant the continuance, and that creates a battle of wills between him and Kessler, with Jerry and his clients caught in the crossfire. Balco, meanwhile, uses Michelle to seek a continuance on a trial in which Richard’s client is accused of murdering his own wife. Ventimiglia is not in a giving mood, especially since this is the 20th time Balco’s office has sought a delay. So with 48 hours to go to trial, Balco turns the entire case over to Michelle.

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