NURSE JACKIE “Nosebleed” Episode 9


Watch a sneak peek of NURSE JACKIE “Nosebleed” Episode 9 airing tonight Monday August 3 at 10:30 ET/PT.

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Episode Synopsis: NURSE JACKIE “Nosebleed” Episode 9 – Jackie admits a patient she has treated before. As his condition worsens, Zoey questions whether Jackie did enough to help him on his previous visit. Jackie’s drug use starts to cause spontaneous nose bleeds. O’Hara tells Jackie that her sister, who lives in Paris, has benefited from Jackie’s ability to juggle a job, family and affair at the same time. Jackie feels betrayed that O’Hara broke her confidence. A car accident victim is pronounced brain-dead, and rather than wait for Coop to certify legal brain death for organ donation, Jackie lies and says Coop signed off.

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