MENTAL “Do Over” Episode 10


Take a sneak peek at the MENTAL Episode 10 “Do Over” airing this Friday July 31 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Also you can watch Mental Episode here.

Episode Synopsis: MENTAL “Do Over” Episode 10 – Jack and Carl take on the case of Billy Bauer, a construction worker suffering from physiological and psychological symptoms following an on-the-job accident. As Jack investigates the circumstances surrounding Billy’s accident, he discovers Billy’s memory of the event and reality of the event are completely different, though his symptoms resonate with a more severe incident that occurred on the same site over 100 years prior. As Jack and Carl spar over Billy’s diagnosis, Veronica and Rylan’s relationship is jeopardized when Rylan makes a questionable decision on the job. Meanwhile, Jack continues to search for his missing sister and the lines between dreams and reality are blurred in the “Do Over” episode of MENTAL airing Friday, July 31 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Cast: Chris Vance as Jack Gallagher; Annabella Sciorra as Nora Skoff; Jacqueline McKenzie as Veronica Hayden-Jones; Derek Webster as Carl Belle; Marisa Ramirez as Chloe Artis; Nicholas Gonzalez as Arturo Suarez; Edwin Hodge as Malcolm Darius Washington; Warren Kole as Rylan Moore

Guest Cast: Trevor Morgan as Billy Bauer; Brett Rickaby as Ethan Calloway; Amanda Douge as Becky Gallagher; Billy Mayo as Quentin Morris; Christopher Grove as Dr. Ira Greenbaum; David Parker as Tom Hurst; Sarah Jaye as Annie Jastrow; K Callan as Alexis Vilcek; Bahni Turpin as Louisa Knox

(Photos: Courtesy of FOX)