LOST Comic Con 2009 Panel

Lost Comic Con 2009 Panel

The final Comic Con panel for LOST was the best TV panel that I have seen at Comic Con.

Carlton Cruse and Damon Lindelof really stepped it up this year and thoroughly entertained us for an hour (which really seemed like only 10 mn cos it was so much fun). This was by far one of the most entertaining TV panels that I have ever attended.

Here are a few tidbits that we gleaned from those “10 mn”:

Lost University: A new viral Marketing campaign designed for the fans of the show.

– Mysteries of the Universe – the Dharma initiative: A fun little video that the Lost folks put together that talks about the Dharma Initiative.

– A video recap of the latest Lost Season (with the song “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse) – that really made me remember how great that show is.

– A video compilation of fan videos which was awesome.

– Jeremy Davies (Faraday) will be on the show this new season.

– Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) will be on the show this new season

– Everything that matters will be answered.

– We will learn about Richard Alpert’s backstory.

– Season 6 will introduce a new effect. Before it was flash back, then flash forward – and this season is something new.

In addition, here are a few questions asked to the Lost panel:

Are you guys making it up as you go along?
Final scene is written Damon and Carlton each had their page and they are putting it in a box and it will be placed somewhere they don’t know, and the night of finale, they will go on Jimmy Kimmel live to open the box and it will be the exact same thing we just saw.

Season 6 will be similar to season 1? What does it mean?
The biggest moment in the show for them, was when they were able to work with an end point in mind. So it means that there is a good chance we will see many characters that we haven’t seen since the first season. The goal for them was for us to watch the season and not know what happens next.

Check out videos of the Lost Comic Con 2009 panel and more pictures below.