TRUE BLOOD “Hard-Hearted Hannah” Review (Season 2 Episode 6)


The best thing about TRUE BLOOD is that I never can figure out where they are going to take us next. Case in point, last night’s episode, “Hard-Hearted Hannah,” we finally got some big reveal and of course a pretty insane cliffhanger.

So let’s talk about it:

Jessica & Hoyt

These two are so adorable and possibly the only positive thing happening on True Blood. It’s a good break from all the other crazy stuff. I love them.


So Eggs does have a purpose apart from being Tara’s boyfriend. Turns out he might have a secret past that even he can’t remember. That weird trip in the wood has got me really intrigued. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about that in the next few episodes.


Sookie’s trip to the church does not go as smoothly as she expected since Steve was expecting her. I wonder how she’s going to get out of this one and also who the vampire they are going to burn is.


We learned something about vampires this episode: they cannot over power their maker because their blood is mixed with theirs. And so I wonder if Bill is going to be able to go and help Sookie.


I love how Jason has this way of believing whatever gets him to do what he wants to do, like having sex with Sarah, “you really think God wants you to do this?” – I loved that.
But the bigger question is: Will Jason find out that Sookie is locked up at the church? And if he does, will he do anything to save her? My feeling is that he would try to get her out, because although they don’t see eye to eye all the time, Jason would protect Sookie no matter what.
Another question that was bugging me is, don’t Steve and Sarah know that Sookie is Jason’s brother? They seem to know so much about her.


We finally found out that Maryann is the beast that attacked Sookie, but we still don’t know exactly what it is she can do. I can’t wait to find out.


Oh and turns out Daphne was Maryann’s accomplice all along, which became pretty clear when Daphne turned into a pig. Who would’ve thought? I definitely didn’t see that one coming, although I did think that Daphne had a secret.


And finally, poor Sam, he thought he had found the woman for him, but turns out it was all a lie.
And of course the finale was killer, what the hell are Maryann and Daphne going to do to him?

That was quite a thrill ride and I’m curious to hear your thoughts about it so let me know what you guys thought of tonight’s episode in the comments below.

Please respectful and don’t post any spoilers in the comments. Thanks.

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  • Twan

    Oh my goodness I cannot believe that that was the last episode for the season. Does anyone know when it will return?? That is some great televsion? Share some thoughts

  • @Twan – It wasn’t the last episode of the season. Didn’t you see the preview for the next episode at the end? It will be back next week.

  • Definitely not the last episode of the season. Did you guys see the preview for the entire season? It came on I think between Hung and Entourage and looked so good!

    Anyway, Sandie – that was a great recap. I think that although the Newlins know OF Sookie, they don’t know her name. On the other hand, maybe they do and they figure they can get Jason to kill her as a sympathizer?

    A poster in Eric’s thread said that she thought Maryann killed that fake healing lady out in the woods and that is what Eggs was a part of, he just doesn’t remember which is not hard to believe considering all of the orgy stuff going on that no one else remembers.

    And can we talk about that for a moment? I know it is HBO and sex is a great part of the whole fantasy of vampirism, but come on. Last night was a bit much if you ask me. Thoughts?

    It is interesting for me to see what they do with Jason, Eggs and Daphne as the first two are totally different than the books and Daphne was not even a character.

  • Cecily

    I loved last nights episode. Finally some big reveals, but I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the Maryann part. I know I sound like a spoiled brat, but I loved how evil she was but all the time pretending to love Tara, I somehow wanted Sookie to come back and be a part of saving Tara from Maryann. And I was hopeing Eggs was bad also, it made it more evil. Still can’t figure out why Maryann wants Eggs with Tara if not to take her baby from her or something.

  • Jennifer

    I beleive Eggs trip into the woods was another Maryann orgy he was a part of. He can’t remeber what happened there because he was black eyed posessed by Maryann. So my theory is all the blood in the woods we saw from Eggs and Tara’s trip is going to happen at Sookie’s house only I can’t figure out why they want Sam’s blood so bad. Maryann already has a servent shifter in Dafne that she can take her blood from. Anyone else have any ideas about this or what Maryann is up to with Sam?

  • The Storm Writer

    Oh yes, I think the vampire that they have downstairs in the church is Eric’s maker. THe one he’s been searching for this entire season.

    Anyone hae any thoughts on Lafayette and the vampires wanting him to continue selling V?

  • Henme

    Okay….maybe I’m over analyzing this but… If Layfayette had within the last day or so drank Eric’s blood, would he be such a scaredy cat?? It seems that Eric’s 1,000 year old blood would have just the opposite effect at least for awhile. It seems that I remember in the books Sookie says that the residual effect of drinking Bill or Eric’s blood lasts for several months.

  • Lindsey

    Eggs – Okay I agree with the previous poster that the whole trip through the woods was basically the same thing that we saw at the end of this episode and that he can’t remember it.

    Maryann – Wasn’t it pretty obvious that Maryann was the creature who attacked Sookie when she stood outside Tara’s party and her hands turned into those huge claws which we got a good look at when sookie was attacked. Maybe it’s just me but this was old news by last nights episode.

    Jason – Steve and Sara have to know that Sookie’s Jason’s sister. If anything I’d bet that Sookie’s the reason they’ve been paying Jason so much attention his whole time.

    Daphne – I wasn’t surpised she was the pig. I’ve been assuming (I think a lot of people have) that the pig was a person. And Daphne was one of the people I originally considered although they did throw me off a bit when she turned into a doe at first.

    Finally the vampire they’re going to burn has to be Godric. When Steve was thinking about it at the church he “said” the vampire was two thousand years old….so we know Godric is over two thousand years old and he’s missing….I’d be shocked if this turned out any other way.

    This was an awesome episode but I didn’t think it was all that shocking if you’ve been paying attention.

  • picklemeier

    I wonder if Marriann is the demon Tera or her mother got exorcised in season one?

  • Cecily

    Just thought of something. This may be far out there, but remember the gift Tara’s mother sent her for her Birthday and Maryann threw it in the bushes? Maybe it is some thing that can protect/repell Maryann and save either Tara or the whole darn community for that matter. There has to be something important regarding that gift. Also, I find it hard to believe that Eric has never hear of a maenad and therefore doesn’t know anything about Maryann.

  • Alyria

    Jessica & Hoyt – I love them sooo much. They are the cutest couple ever and there scenes have been my fav this season. I really wish they’d get a bit more attention. And I hope that Jessica doesn’t accidentally kill Hoyt. That would be soooo sad. 🙁

    The Church – If you watch carefully Steven got a call right before they entered the hall and that’s when his thoughts changed as if he knew what Sookie was. I think that means he has an informant among the Texas vamps and soon after they knew who Sookie was and what the plan was, the church was told. I know hindsight is 20/20 but they really needed a “safety word” that let the guy Sookie was with know they needed to GET.OUT.NOW. Or a gun or at least some mace. They got taken down by a muscleman and a preacher. That’s tragic.

    Godric – The vamp in the basement is obviously Godric, I mean Steven even mentioned “2000 years old” at some point. How many 2000 year old vampires do you think they have laying around in Texas? I wonder when Jason sees what appears to be a teenage boy being dragged out to die will it finally click in his head that this is wrong. And is it even illegal to kill vampires in this reality? I mean to make a big show of it on the church premises. You’d think they’d be concerned about one Soldier of God having a change of heart and reporting them to the police.

    MaryAnn – Based on the way she was dressed and the orgies I knew some kind of greek god thing was going on and she wouldn’t be a traditional being that we are used to hearing about, like a witch or something. Someone mentioned that she is maenad so I googled that and now a lot more makes sense. I understand what her motivations are now.

    As for V being used as a drug and a healing elixir I don’t think that’s quite fleshed out. It doesn’t work the same way in the show as it does in the books. For one it’s been effecting everyone differently. Maybe it’s meant to. I mean first Sookie gets injured and drinks enough blood to heal and she ends up a little horny, hyper sensitive and connected with Bill. Jason drinks way less than Sookie and ends up with the erection of doom. Then he drinks way less and it acts like LSD. Then Layfette drinks a lot of it and instead of getting the erection of doom or connected to Eric on a deep spiritual level, he responds as if he’s on speed. As for the way he’s behaving now, the clearly has PTSD. I don’t think vamp blood cures that even though being “high” off Eric’s blood may have mad him forget it for awhile.

  • Lindsey

    There was no demon in season 1, that was a scam.

  • Joe

    How did Eric Newlin know Sookie was coming? Did Eric tip him off?

  • picklemeier

    They make you think it was a scam because the first victim was Ms Janette! Marriann ripped her heart out because she was the one that exorcised her from Tera or her mother in the first place!

  • picklemeier

    Oh and if you rewatch season 1 the demon that Tera sees when she is trippin out has the same eyes as the people Marriann puts into a trance!

  • Boogieman

    Eric set up Sookie so Bill would go to the church to rescue her. They would then have Bill to sacrafice instead of Godric who is obviously in the basement. That is what I think…

  • Lindsey

    I guess anything’s possible but Ms. Jeannette admitted to Tara that it was a scam, when she confronted her at the drug store.

    Besides if Maryann was the demon exorcised from Tara and her mother then how was she around all of those years ago when Sam met her. Or how was she able to help out Eggs who makes it seem like he met up with her not too long before Tara did?

  • Angela

    I thought it weird that when Sookie listened to Hugo/Roofus’s thoughts, he seemed to be “glamoured.”

    For me, it seems that the vamps are doing everything in their power to separate Sookie from Bill.

    I am a little over the whole “oooo salacious orgy in the woods” stuff, so I hope MaryAnn’s storyline isn’t everlasting.

    LOVE Jason and how utterly dumb he is. Haha.

    I think that the wife will turn on the husband and help Jason get Sookie out. I think that Bill will get wise to Eric’s and the other vamps’ plans and somehow protect Sookie.

    For now, I’m intrigued but hope that they somehow make this show more complex and less of a “Maryann Sexfest” every week.

    It gets boring (believe it or not!)

  • liberiangirl

    Alot of questions have been answered by the episode 7 preview. It reveals that the cowboy vampire we met in Dallas who couldn’t come up with an intelligent plan, is the church’s informant. In the preview Eric tells him he will pay for planning to kill Godric for his title.

    In an earlier episode, Jason emotionally admitted that he feels guilty for not being there to protect Sookie and Gran, so I doubt that he would miss an opportunity to be there for Sookie now that she’s in the same building with him, I hope the preacher’s dumb wife knows Sookie’s real name and tells Jason what’s going on…OR, because the preacher told Jason (in the preview) that he was going to hell today, maybe he will take him down in the basement with the others ( to await his fate) and they will hook up that way.

    It makes sense that Hugo was glamored by the thoughts Sookie heard, but because he was still lovey dovey about his vamp when she wasn’t there to keep up the glamoring, I’d say he wasn’t glamored. However, I think he’s being sacrificed for this elaborate plan to steal Godric’s title, surely his vamp girlfriend can sense that he’s in trouble like Bill can sense Sookie. But no one seems to be coming for him.

    Sam has obviously been given some options, in the preview we saw him having a conversation with Daphne about what he should do regarding the maenad. Question is what will he do?

    I’m very interested to learn more about Eggs and what he remembers. I think he may be a hero somehow in the next episode. The preview shows him screaming hysterically even while he’s in the “black-eye trance” like he will somehow push thru/overcome the spell and reveal whatever it is that’s scaring him, or what he remembers for that matter ( and possibly get away with Tara in tow).

  • I agree with liberiangirl and some others that have posted. Not only did the episode 7 preview answer a lot of questions, but there was also a later preview of the remaining season that answered a lot of questions.

    Pretty sure Maryann is not an evil spirit that was expelled from Tara or her Mom (and yes, I thought Miss Janette admitted it was a hoax) as the thing she turned into and the venom she put into Sookie is of a specific earth bound creature, the maenard.

    I do not believe Hugo was glamored but my understanding of his character is that whenever he is around his vamp, she is ALL he can think about almost like he is glamored, but he isnt. Just in love, or in lust.

    I also do not believe that all the vamps are trying to separate Bill and Sookie. At this point it is just Eric because he wants her for whatever his intentions are. I highly doubt, however, that he intended to put Sookie in danger by distracting Bill.

    I am kind of disappointed that they strayed from the books in the healing process of Sookie after she was clawed by the maenard because it helped explained later scenes occurring after she and Hugo are trapped in the church. I dont know how that will play out now.

    As for Lafayette – as was said before me, I dont know that vampire blood would cure PTSD since it is more emotional than physical, but it does seem to have a different effect on everyone.

  • Andi

    There is no way Eric set Sookie up to be captured by the Newlins. Anyone who thinks this totally misunderstands his character. His priorities are to save Godric and steal Sookie from Bill. That’s why he called Lorena.

  • Andi – I agree and I think that is part of the problem with the show right now. There are so many storylines happening at once that the intentions and the viewer’s understanding of each character, like Eric for example (who will probably be a main and instrumental character soon) does not occur as quickly or as well as it should.

  • Cecily

    I know Ms. Jeannette admitted it was a hoax, but maybe not, someone in an earlier post got me thinking. When Tara’s demon was being exorcised the demon had those black eyes and doesn’t Maryann “feed” off of chaos, drunkeness, etc? And that’s all Tara’s life was because of her mother – so Maryann could have been causing this all along or at least feeding off of it and when the chaos ended she got pissed and killed Ms. Jeannette.

  • liberiangirl

    My co-worker brought up a good point: What if Eric is behind the killing of Godric so that HE can assume his title.

    Godric seems to be the only one older than Eric, maybe its Eric that is trying to become king of Dallas. Think about it, we got a foreshadow when Bill asked Eric why Godric was so important to him, then came the flashback of how Godric was Eric’s maker. How simple and obvious was that really…is that really all there is to it??? With all that they are showing us about the vamp to maker relationship, I’d say its not that valued. If they love eachother so much why do they separate for hundreds of years? The way that Eric is afraid of the idea of humans being able to over-power a vampire over 1000 years old, I’d say he probably just doesn’t like the idea of having no power over another vampire such as his maker Godric. They showed us that a vamp can’t over power the blood of their maker because its the same…this would explain why Eric needs the help of the other vamps. So is Eric on a quest for more power and taking Sookie from Bill?

    In the spirit of the True Blood signature cliffhangers and twists, I don’t believe the preview to next week would actually tell us whose behind it all, I think them letting us see Eric accuse the cowboy vamp was just to keep us guessing.

  • liberiangirl

    AWESOME interview that sheds so much light on MaryAnn Forester

  • Alyria

    Eric wouldn’t kill his maker no more than Pam would kill Eric. Unless you are like Bill and completely hate your afterlife then your maker is the person that gave you the greatest gift ever. Godric isn’t a king, he’s a sheriff just like Eric, so I seriously doubt he’d off him for power as they are the same rank. When he said Godric could be king of Texas if he wanted, he said it more like a son defending his father’s career choice.

    As for Maryann being the demon that got exorcised, uh…no. Both Maryann’s dress and the rituals are Greco-Roman. Demonic possession is a christian thing. Why would someone thousands of years old, who can control entire groups of people and has a physical body bother tormenting some old drunk? Miss Jeanette used to hang out in the woods to pull off her scams, maenad’s tear apart animals and people who are in the woods. It’s part of their mythology, along with being servants of the god of excess, thus the food, booze and orgies.

    I can’t say whether Hugo has been glamored or not, but glamors don’t have to be maintained. If he is glamored, even when he’s away from her he’d still think he loves her. Though, if I was a vampire and I glamored some human to make him think he loved me, I’d probably forget to add memorizes of us fighting, I’d probably glamor him to think we had the most perfect relationship ever.

  • Alyria – I agree with everything you said. I just didn’t feel like typing as much out as you did. As for Hugo, I still believe he is not glamored, just REALLY in love/lust and, therefore, Isabel is all he can think about.

  • NanBoleyn

    I am so sick of the Maryann storyline. Sookie and Bill are afterthoughts. I’m sick of Tara and Eggs. Eggs is nutty and Tara is starting to figure things out.

    In the book, Godric wasn’t captured; he wanted to meet the sun. He wanted to atone for all of the bad things he had done and was a willing participant.

    I want more Pam! She’s such a hoot! This whole season has had way too little Sookie and Bill (they’re either screwing or fighting) and I’m glad the book hasn’t been followed by Bill leaving Sookie for Lorena.

    How does one kill a maenad? I’m glad Daphne got stabbed; I hated her.

    Finally, I read online today that Sarah shot Jason with a paintball gun but she thought it was a real gun. I’m soooooooo confused! I know Jason and Sookie escape and when they go back home, the town is a wreck; more of Maryann’s mayhem. Blah. Have more Hoyt and Jessica b/c I LOVE them!!