THE STORM on NBC – Part 1


This Sunday July 26 2009, NBC will come out with a two part four hour mini series called THE STORM starring James Van Der Beek as a scientist tryong to save the wold from going out of whack with meteorological catastrophes caused by a “weather creation” technology.

Based on the pictures we see below, this will mostly be an opportunity for James to run around a lot. Is someone eyeing an action movie character on the big screen, maybe?

Synopsis: In this two-part, four-hour miniseries, scientist Kirk Hafner (James Van Der Beek) attempts to stop billionaire Robert Terrell (Treat Williams) from destroying the earth with his “weather creation” technology. Terrell’s determination to manipulate the weather causes catastrophic weather conditions — a combination of hurricanes, sandstorms, and drastic temperature changes that cause panic and hysteria across the globe. Hafner employs the help of news reporter Danni Nelson (Teri Polo) to aid him in exposing Terrell’s quest. Complications arise when seemingly trustworthy authority figures aren’t who they initially appeared to be. This exhilarating action thriller follows Hafner on his journey to save the human population from extinction. The miniseries also stars David James Elliot, John Larroquette, Luke Perry and Marisol Nichols.