RUBY & THE ROCKITS “Pilot” Review


ABC Family’s new half hour comedy, RUBY & THE ROCKITS premieres tonight, July 21 2009, at 8:30pm.

The show follows Patrick Gallagher, a former teen idol, whose life changes when his brother and former Rockits band mate, David, shows up with his new-found teenage daughter, Ruby (Alexa Vega). Since David wants to continue performing, Patrick agrees to help him raise Ruby. Ruby now finds herself with not only a new dad, but a new uncle, aunt and two cousins.

Ruby & the Rockits made me think a little bit about the movie Music & Lyrics with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. It features old music videos of the Rockits, kind of like in the movie, and I think David is pretty much like Hugh Grant’s character, trying to regain his fame.

In the show, the kids are also musically talented, which leads to some more singing, which is actually enjoyable. I like Alexa Vegas’ voice, especially from “Repo! The Genetic Opera,” so it’s really fun to get to hear her sing some more (although it’s definitely not the same kind of song).

Overall, I didn’t love Ruby & the Rockits, but it was enjoyable. I think my problem with the show is that it is a very cliche sitcom show, which I’m sure some people will enjoy. There are funny parts and the musical numbers are fun, but I don’t think it’s something that I am going to follow on a regular basis, although I wouldn’t change the channel if it happened to be on.

You can catch Ruby & the Rockits tonight at 8:30pm on ABC Family.