TRUE BLOOD “Never Let Me Go” Review (Season 2 Episode 5)

Sam Trammell, Ashley Jones - True Blood

After a long week of waiting, we finally got to see a new episode of TRUE BLOOD “Never Let Me Go.” While it wasn’t my favorite so far, we did learn a few things.


Turns out she’s a shapeshifter like Sam and not the thing that attacked Sookie, like I suspected (or maybe she is that too…). So I have to ask, what’s the deal with the scar? And isn’t it weird that Sam didn’t ask her about it?

Barry (the bellboy)

Well, we didn’t learn much more about him, except that he can’t control his telepath ability like Sookie can. And even though he quit his job, I have a feeling that he and Sookie will cross paths again in the future.

Hoyt & Jessica

Granted these two only had one scene in this episode and it was over the phone, but I still think they’re adorable and I can’t wait to find out how their relationship will evolve.


I thought she was wising up about Maryann, but it seems that she can’t say no to her. I wonder how Sookie will react when she gets back home and wether she’ll be able to hear more of Maryann’s thoughts.


I still cannot figure what the hell she is exactly, but it does seem that she has power over people’s emotions.


We all knew that Jason couldn’t stay a good boy for too long, especially not with Sarah tempting him the way she did. I wonder how Steve is going to react…


She decides to go undercover in the Fellowship of the Sun. What do you bet she will meet Jason there? But what I really want to see is what he’s going to do about it when he sees his sister there.


We finally see Godric, granted it was through a flashback, but still. Oh and big reveal: Godric is Eric’s maker! That explains Eric’s obsession with finding him.
Godric also seemed pretty powerful to me, which makes me even more curious as to how the hell he disappeared.

And of course, the cliffhanger! Bill’s maker is back! I wonder what she’s doing there…

But I guess all these questions will have to wait until next week to be answered. In the meantime, let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode. Please keep the spoilers to a minimum for those who haven’t read the books.

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  • wahooligan

    Watch the previous episode, ‘Shake and Fingerpop’ again. You’ll notice Maryann’s hands turn into the hands of the creature that attacked Sookie while she was chanting/vibrating in the woods during Tara’s party.

  • Audri

    Maryann is a succubus.

  • Pam R

    Just found your blog. Great recap and some good points to ponder. I also wondered why Sam didn’t ask about the scars. I kinda wish the writers would focus more on the main story about the Dallas trip instead of all the other little side stories. They take up too much time. This was not my favorite ep either. The highlights for me were Jessica, Hoyt, Barry, Jason and always love the drama between Eric, Bill, and Sookie.
    BTW, did anyone think it was out of place that all of a sudden the “F” word has worked its way into the dialog. It seems out of place in a story about mythical creatures.

  • haha I doubt Maryann is a succubus. I’m kind of happy that Sam didn’t ask Daphane about her scar at right then and there because that seems like it woud have been a big moment killer to me. I also don’t think that Daphane is the thing that attaccked Sookie nor Miss Janette. Seeing from the ending of episode 4 it seems like Maryann is the thing that attacked the three of them. But what i want to know is why?? and why didn’t Daphane die if the scratch most likely had poision in it?? Is someone helping her too?? As far as Steve’s wife, i don’t know but to me it seemed like she had a thing for Jason before her husband started to be the distant type. Like when he first go to the ccamp when she was making her speak in the circle of all the follwers it seemed like she winked at him. Then also when Jason almost killed her with the broken flag she acted like everything was fine ((but then again so did everyone else, except Luke)). Sookie’s plan sounds like a good idea but i wonder what will happen if she runs into Jason?? Seeing as in the group that Sookie’s trying to help and herself believe that the Fellowship of the Sun tried to kidnap Sookie earlier and is responsible for kidnapping Godrick, it doesn’t sound like it’s something that will blow over too smoothly.

  • Laura

    Maryann isn’t a succubus. She’s a maenad.

  • vivian

    Laura is right Maryann is not a succubus she is a Maenad. But anyhow the episode was great getting more involved.

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  • L

    I am kinda getting annoyed that the Maryann storyline doesn’t evolve. We’ve already established that she is the creature, several episodes ago. They just keep dragging out this whole Tara storyline. How has True Blood this season compare to the books? Does Bill’s maker come back to him in the books, and is this whole Fellowship of the Sun in the books as well? What about Maryann?

  • lined

    The fellowship of the Sun does come out in the books as well as the maenad, except that the character’s name isn’t even mentioned as Maryann. Bill’s maker shows up but not in the second book, it’s the third one.

    you should read the books, they’re good.

  • I second what lined says abour the books. Although, my understanding is that Alan Ball kind of melded books two and beyond into this season so it is not surprising that characters show up earlier.

    It is hard to comment on the show storyline without talking about the books, but I am not about to spoil it for everyone so I will stick with what I can. I really like Daphne (who is not in the books) and her character. It is nice for Sam to have another shafeshifter to hang out with and I loved that she was a deer. As for her scars, maybe Sam thought it would be rude to ask about them. I do not believe Sam ever knew that Sookie was attacked similarly so he wouldn’t wonder in that regard. It is curious how Daphne avoided dying of the poison though.

    Also loved the flashback showing Eric’s past. Very interesting and he was just as hot as soldier!

  • Cecily

    I too enjoy these shows. I have only read the first two books and frankly, I find them boring and hard to get through. I don’t like Sookie’s character in the book because she is always kissing and being fondled by other men. But I will probably make myself read them anyway. That being said, the shows are great! I love the Maryann storyline, but wish something more would come out of it. The funny thing is if these main characters would just get togheter an discuss what they know then more would be resolved by now. When Sookie met Maryann she knew somehting was not right about her, but she never followed up on it. If she loves Tara so much how can she ignore that? I don’t think Daphne is a good person though becuase when Sam was in the water with her she was too curios/concerned about him leaving and asking where is is going and where he is from.

  • Boobie

    Thanks for putting it together about Sam’s maker in the hotel. Yes, Maryann is a maenad. End of that mystery for the last time. BUT is she THE maenad that gave Daphne her scar? What are Maryann’s TRUE intension for Tara since she is apparently homeless? There’s got to be something is to this, she’s just not using Tara to get to Sam. CLUE: Maryann threw Tara’s mother’s birthday gift in the bushes—she’s really working hard to keep Tara’s mom out of the picture without killing her like she did Ms. Jeanette. YES, it is ULTRA strange that Sam has not asked Daphne about the scars, you can’t miss ’em. Jason can not catch a break if he wanted to; even in a cult, the ladies love Jason. Hoyt & Jessica are as sweet as pie. Soooo Godric is a suuuuper old vamp but he’s in the body of a teenager? I’m thinking what happens in Texas should probably stay in Texas….

  • Hardwoodpoets

    I Love this show and i have to admit i have not read the books. I seems to me that Maryann is totally isolating Tara from anyone who cares about Tara so that she can have her sort of join her extended family. I dont know maybe she sees something in Tara’s strong personality that attracks her. She killed Miss Janette, attacked Sookie, Threatened Sam, and number of other things in fact she is the one who caused the accident to get Tara the DUI. Eggs is in on it too and so is Daphne (all controlled by Maryann). Just my opinion.

  • L

    I am thinking that maybe if Maryann gave Daphne the scars. it is possible that because she is a shapeshifter the poison didn’t affect her? They need to pick up the pace on some of these storylines. It’s like Lost, we have so many questions no answers. (Unlike Lost, which ends next year, and will have to cram that season with 5 years worth of answers-which is not good for the fan.) Granted, we did find out Maryann and her crew are vagabonds.

  • L

    I’m hoping Daphne the deer isn’t mixed in with Maryann. Is Eggs and the Peruvian guy (who I believe is the pig in previous episode) human?

  • Johnny C

    I am very concerned that True Blood is going the way of the Sopranos. In my opinion the Sopranos was a soap opera about gangsters, but they left out the gangster stuff. True Blood is a soap opera about Vampires, and they are leaving out too much vampire stuff. Small scenes take up way too much time. There is so much more that they can do to make it better. I am still hooked, for now.

  • Boobie

    Great summary on the Tara/Maryann connection Hardwoodpoets. Maryann was indeed the pig that brought her into Tara’s life. I think Sookie & Lafayette (and Tara’s mom kinda) are the keys to saving Tara from Maryann but they haven’t been around to notice what is really going on…Who knows when Sookie will get back home seeing how the Texas vampires are waaay off the chain and Fellowship of the Sun apparently has a secret militant wing brewing. Lafayette seems to be a shell of himself since he may have just been turned into a vamp by Eric—weeee doggie, cher!! But I’m not sure if Eggs is in on it or if he is even a real person. Think about it–if he had such a long history with crime and doing dirt in the past, why is he so willing to trust Maryann. You mean to tell me Eggs is not in the least bit suspicious about the freebies Maryann passes out and how the party is literally 24/7 when she is around???? SUSPECT, Eggs, really SUSPECT.

  • @Boobie – I dont think Eric made Lafayette into a vampire. I believe he just gave him enough blood to heal him. Lafayette is probably just spooked by all that happened to him. Quite a lot to go through.

    @Johnny C – interesting thought and comparison to The Sopranos and I see what you are saying. In fact, that was one of my husband’s complaints (too much sex) in the first season. Now it isn’t even too much sex, just too much other stuff other than vampire. Maybe it will pick up though and we just need to muddle through the minute stuff to get to the good stuff. At least I hope that is the case. And by good, I mean more Eric 🙂

  • ices

    anyone know what’s the song at the end of the “Never Let Me Go” episode?when the credits are rolling.
    I tried to search different words on the song, but can’t find that one.

  • Henme

    I wish they would pick up the pace. Way too much on the Fellowship of the Sun and Jason. I get tired of watching him nail every girl within a ten mile radius. I wish they would spend more screen time expanding Eric’s character. Part of the fun in the books is watching him grow and develop into more than a one dimentional character.

  • Henme, I agree. It was wonderful to see Eric grow in the books and I hope they do it in the show. Also, Jason annoys me because it never goes beyond him and every woman in a 10 mile radius. Although he does have some good one liners…

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  • Fatty

    yeah i now who sang that song ices. its a pretty old song, it goes waaay back to Johnny Ace, Seranders, Curtis Mayfield, the Impressions, and Eddie Holman. but i think it originated from Lloyd Price. my mom has the Curtis Mayfield and also Luther Vandross’s version. there’s even a really cute reggae version of it by Bitty Mclean.

    Oohh and OMG!! True Blood is one hell of an amazing show. im sooo into it. i dont know what i’ll do if it ends. lol.