ENTOURAGE “Amongst Friends” Review


I had a chance to watch an advance copy of this Sunday’s episode ENTOURAGE “Amongst Friends” and here are my thoughts on it.

In “Amongst Friends”, the main event is Vince’s premiere coming up and all the things that are unfolding in this episode (MILD SPOILER ALERT):

– Turtle is “coming out” as Jamie Lynn’s man (On the red carpet). This was somewhat cringe worthy to some degree.
– Eric is moving into his new pad and also trying to move in on Sloan by inviting her to Vince’s premiere as “friends”
– Eric is also being mildly stalked by the girl who was in the beginning of the Drive episode. Awkward but in a hot way.
– Ari is worried he might have made the wrong choice with Andrew, especially now that their respective wives are becoming fast friends.
– Lloyd is embarking on the worst crash diet ever which leads to a funny back and forth where Ari giveth and taketh away a minor reward.

Overall, “Amongst Friends” is a pretty solid episode. It’s very Eric-centric which is great because that means more Emmanuelle Chriqui face time which is never a bad thing.

ENTOURAGE “Amongst Friends” (Season 6 Episode 2) airs this Sunday July 19 at 10:30 pm EST on HBO.

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(Photo: claudette barius/HBO)