THE BILL ENGVALL SHOW Set Visit & Season 3 Review


THE BIll ENGVALL SHOW returns to tbs for its third season this Saturday, July 18, at 9pm.

We will be getting back to back episodes, so get ready for a full hour of Bill Engvall and his TV family.

I have seen the first two episodes and if you are a fan of the show, then you will be happy to know that The Bill Engvall Show returns just the way you like it. In the first episode “Give Me a Break,” the family is dealing with the recession and realize they might not have enough money to send Lauren to spring break as promised. In the second episode, “You Decide,” Bill thinks it’s time for him to start making some decisions around the house, but let’s just say that it’s not as easy as Susan makes it seem.

I don’t usually watch The Bill Engvall Show on a regular basis, but I do enjoy it when I do watch a few episodes here and there. It’s just a relaxing and entertaining half hour, especially when I don’t want to watch something too intense or dark.

I also recently got a chance to visit the set of The Bill Engvall Show, as well as watch the filming for one of the upcoming episodes.

This is a sitcom and so obviously there aren’t some big storylines coming up that will surprise you, but the cast seemed happy to be back working and did mention a few things that would be coming up. For instance, the episode that was filming that week centered on Trent buying his first car, and if you have come to know anything about Trent is that he probably won’t end up with the car Bill and Susan would have liked for him. You’ll have to tune in to find out exactly what he spends his hard earned money on.

This season we also meet Bill’s brother, Danny (played by Stephen Dunham), who just hit it big after one of his investment opportunities actually pays off.

So make sure you tune in tomorrow, Saturday July 18, at 9pm on tbs for a whole new season of The Bill Engvall Show.

Until then, check out a few pictures that I took on the set with the cast below.

The Bill Engvall Show Cast
The Bill Engvall Show Cast
The Bill Engvall Show Cast
The Bill Engvall Show Set