WAREHOUSE 13 “Resonance” Review


I just finished WAREHOUSE 13 episode 2 “Resonance” and I just wanted to quickly share my thoughts on it.

You might remember that in my review of the Warehouse 13 pilot episode, I had my doubts about the show. That even yielded a comment from David Simkins, the executive producer/writer of Warehouse 13, encouraging me to keep watching the show.

Well, David, I took your advice and watched the second episode of Warehouse 13 “Resonance” and I only have four words for you:

I LOVE this show

This episode had everything I love about a good TV show. A solid story, interesting characters, witty dialogue and a very cool mystery.

Just to give you some perspective on my thinking, here is how my thought process evolved as I was watching “Resonance:

” Wow, this is better than I thought it would be.”
“I really like Myka and Pete”
“Damn I may have to tell David Simkins that he was right. I was not disappointed”
“Yup, I am definitely going to have tell David that he was right”

If this keeps up, Warehouse 13 is going to be one of my favorite new TV shows of the summer. I really recommend that you watch it.

Before I leave, I have one last thing to say to David Simkins and I will let Brenda Lee say it for me in this video.

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