HARPER’S ISLAND And the Killer Is…

Henry Dunn - Harper's Island

…Henry Dunn “The Groom”

I cannot believe it, Dani was right all along!!!!!! Right from the beginning she said that Henry was the killer and turns out Henry was Wakefield’s accomplice. Pretty crazy. I have to give her props for that one.

So last week’s episode of Harper’s Island left me really disappointed, but I think they kind of redeemed themselves in the final two episodes. It wasn’t the best ending that I have ever seen, but it was definitely entertaining and what I had come to expect from Harper’s Island. Overall I am satisfied.

Still, I thought I would mention a few things that occurred to me as I watched the finale.

I still don’t understand why J.D. didn’t say anything about Henry killing him instead of “it’s all about you Abby” that still doesn’t make sense.

The whole time I thought there had to be something going on with Madison, she is such a weird kid. It was like she didn’t care about any of the things that were happening on the island.

As for the rest of the victims, well pretty much everyone dies except for Madison, Shea, Abby and Jimmy. What a massacre that was!

You can take also a look at all the victims here.

So, what did you guys think? Did you think Henry was going to be the killer? Or was your money on Jimmy or someone else from the bunch? Were you satisfied with the way things ended?