ENTOURAGE Season 6 Premiere “Drive” Review


ENTOURAGE is back for its Sixth season with its first episode “Drive” (Season 6 Episode 1) airing this Sunday July 12 at 10:30 pm EST on HBO. After watching the first episode, here is my review that I would like to share.

In the sixth season premiere, Vince is back in the spotlight with his starring role of “The Great Gatsby”, a new movie directed by Martin Scorsese. This coincides with him trying to get a driving license and promoting the new movie on Jay Leno. Meanwhile, his best friend/manager is looking into moving into his own place at the urging of his ex Sloane. Finally, Lloyd and Ari engage in a battle of wills about Lloyd’s future.

“Drive” is one of the most interesting Entourage episode for a few reasons. In a sense, it’s exactly like the pilot episode because it captures Vince (Adrian Grenier) at a crucial moment of his career, his comeback. In another way, it is highly different because this turns out to be a crucial turning point for most of the Entourage characters.

Eric (Kevin Connolly) is starting to look at spreading his wings outside of Vince’s influence by moving into his own space. What should be a simple act turns out to be tricky for him vis a vis the crew in more ways than one. Adding Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) to the mix makes it that much more complicated. One note about Emmanuelle Chriqui is that her presence is much stronger this season than in previous ones. I am a fan of the actress and I am glad to see the writers giving her more to play with. The fact that she is smoking hot is just a bonus that I will not spit at.

Ari is facing more challenges with Lloyd wanting to spread his wings and become a fully-fledged agent. So Ari is forced to face that with some very creative management style, I like to call this style Management a la Ari. Very brutal but also very effective.

Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Drama (Kevin Dillon) are somewhat in cruising mode with all things slightly remaining the same, as in Turtle is still going strong with Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Drama is still going strong with..well, no one. (I know, Big Shocker)

All and all, great start for this sixth season of Entourage.

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(Photo: michael muller/HBO)