NURSE JACKIE “Daffodil” Episode 5 Review

Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton in Nurse Jackie

I really enjoyed watching an early copy of NURSE JACKIE, “Daffodil” today. This is the 5th episode of the new Showtime series which will air July 5, at 10:30pm. In this episode, Jackie and Zoey work the night shift while problems with Jackie’s daughter, Grace, continue at home. Zoey quickly learns that working nights is much different than the day shift, while Jackie puts her trust in a 10 year old girl.

There is also this doctor, Dr. Cooper, (played by Peter Facinelli – that’s Carlisle for all your Twilight fans) that does a very odd thing anytime he feels uncomfortable. This is something we were introduced to in the first episode but it makes a reappearance in “Daffodil”. He describes it as ‘physical tourrette’, but I’m wondering if he’s making it all up. If he is, he’s a genius and will be the hero of males everywhere. I love watching Dr. Cooper because prior to this, I’ve only known him as Carlisle from Twilight. His character in Nurse Jackie couldn’t be more different. Cooper is funny, slightly stupid, and has a much better tan.

My other favorite part of this show has to do with Gloria, Jackie’s stern boss. She always seems to go out of her way to get on everyone’s bad side but then usually ends up lying on her back in some sort of karma induced injury. Some other memorable moments include some unlikely dinner dates with Zoey and O’Hara and another meal involving Cooper and Eddie.