Harper’s Island Victims #14, 15, 16, & 17 are…

Nikki Bolton "The Biker Chick" - Harper's Island

…Nikki Bolton “The Biker Chick”

Shane Pierce "The Townie" - Harper's Island

…Shane Pierce “The Townie”

Cal Vandeusen "The Outsider" - Harper's Island

…Cal Vandeusen “The Outsider”

Chloe Carter "The Flirt" - Harper's Island

…Chloe Carter “The Flirt”

I am usually a fan of HARPER’S ISLAND, but this was the worst episode. They had one of the dumbest scenes that I have ever seen. So Wakefield shows up and Nikki tries to shoot him, but of course he gets to her in time to kill her, which is fine, but then all the other people around just stand there and do nothing. There is one guy and three women (Shane, Trish, Shae, Chloe), you mean to tell me they are can’t overpower Wakefield? Come on! Oh and here’s another fun fact, they have guns for crying out loud and he has a knife! But sure Trish just leaves Shane there with his little knife to fight Wakefield off, and she just takes the shotgun. Makes total sense! Did I miss something? Is Wakefield some sort of superhero? Am I watching the wrong show?

And then of course, when people do try to shoot Wakefield no one seems to be able to hit him. Really??!!!

And then to add on top of that, when Cal is trying to fight Wakefield off and Chloe can tell he’s obviously going to get killed, she just stands there instead of attacking Wakefield. Are you kidding me?!! At this point they’re going to die anyway, so why doesn’t she try to save the love of her life? She’s willing to kill herself for him, but try and help him so he doesn’t get killed, that’s too much to ask apparently.

As you can probably tell, Harper’s Island has totally lost me. While I can suspend some kind of disbelief when it comes to a slasher movie/show, this was just ridiculous. And it started out so good. I really hope next week won’t be another slap in the face, because after watching 11 episodes, I really hope that I didn’t waste my time for some lazily written ending.

Now, on to the part that was actually what I came to like about Harper’s Island, the last scene with Jimmy in the car with Trish. It looks like he might turn out to be the killer after all, but then again they always lead us in the wrong direction so we might find that it was indeed Henry all along. And also wouldn’t it be weird that he left his brother die?

Don’t forget that you can keep track of the victims here.

Now I have to ask you guys, were you as annoyed by the episode as I was or did you think it was good? Also do you guys think that Jimmy is the other killer? And finally, who’s going to be the next victim(s)? I’m thinking Trish, Sully and Danny might be next, it seems they have escaped death for way too long.