TRUE BLOOD “Scratches” Review (Season 2 Episode 3)

Sam Trammell - True Blood

Are you ready for more TRUE BLOOD?! This week’s episode, “Scratches” introduces a new creature, which was featured in a clip we posted a while back (it’s also the beginning of the new episode for those of you curious to check it out).

But how about we talk a little bit about what happens to some of the characters in this episode, “Scratches,” which airs Sunday June 28 at 10pm.


If you watched the clip I mentioned above, then you know she has an “encounter” with the new beast (still not sure what the hell it is). It’s a pretty intense episode for her.
In the episode, she also sets up motions that will lead to her going to Dallas to help Eric find Godric.


I’m sure you’re all wondering what Bill ended up doing to Jessica’s family, but since I can’t tell you that, what I will say is that in this episode, Bill will ask a favor from Eric.


Since he is still worried about Godric, he finds some sort of arrangement with Sookie for her to help him. I’m sure fans will enjoy the scene between the two. Go Sookie!


It seems that while Jason wasn’t convinced of the evilness of vampires before getting to camp, he is getting more and more convinced every day, or maybe he’s just trying to find a place where he fits. Either way, I always get a quick out of his storylines.


She throws what turns out to be a pretty crazy party. At the same time, Tara is liking being there less and less.


We all love Lafayette and turns out that Sookie’s thoughts-hearing ability might come in handy for him this episode. The other good news is, we get to see more of Lafayette.


Poor Jessica, after a pretty “unusual” family reunion (to say the least), she still feels very lonely. The good news is, there might be hope for a potential new love interest in this episode. But you’ll have to watch to find out who it is…


In this episode Sam is planning on making a pretty big life change. But we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what happens to him, because turns out Sam is the subject of the famous cliffhanger this week, and let me tell you, it’s really good!

Once again, True Blood delivers another amazing episode. Don’t miss it on Sunday, June 28 at 9pm on HBO!

(Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO)