Harper’s Island Victims #12 & 13 are…

Maggie Krell (Beverley Elliott) - Harper's Island

…Maggie Krell aka “The Wedding Planner”

Sheriff Charlie Mills (Jim Beaver) Harper's Island

…Sheriff Charlie Mills aka “The Sheriff”

Holy crap, I cannot believe they ended the episode there!!! Harper’s Island is getting better and better. Another two murders, which eliminated the wedding planner and Sheriff as the killers.

But of course the best part was that we finally saw Wakefield, who apparently is the killer. But my gut tells me he has help from the inside. And I also think it’s very convenient that Jimmy stayed alive after that big explosion…hmmmm, my head hurts.

Don’t forget that you can keep track of the victims here.

At this point I’ll just turn it over to you guys because I don’t know who to pick as the next victim anymore. The closer we get to finding out who the killer is, the less ideas I have as to whom it could be. What do you guys think? Does Wakefield have an accomplice? Is it Jimmy? Will Cal or Chloe ever get killed?