MERLIN on NBC Season Premiere Review

Bradley James as Arthur, Colin Morgan as Merlin

MERLIN is a new series set to premier on NBC on June 21st at 8pm and it’s a fresh take on an old story. If you are like me, you’ll check out anything that has to do with Camelot, wizards, or dragons. Come to think of it, those were the exact buzz words that Eric at Daemon’s TV used to get me to do the review… well played my friend. Say the name “Merlin” to anybody and they probably picture an old sorcerer with a long white beard and flowing blue robes (basically we all picture Albus Dumbledore). This show is unique as it follows the story of Merlin as a young man. Similar to what Smallville did to the Superman story; “Merlin” tells the story of a young man coming to terms with extraordinary powers while keeping it a secret from those around him. Almost as soon as Merlin arrives at Camelot, he makes enemies of a young price Arthur. Sadly, it appears that his destiny is intertwined with Arthur’s and the two might have to work together to make any progress. With the help of the castle physician, Gaius, Merlin tries to learn more about his destiny. He also learns that there are a few secrets behind the walls of Camelot that need to be unlocked.

These period series can tend to be hit or miss as they are often expensive to produce and can come off as cheesy if things aren’t done right. It’s obvious by the costumes and special effects that there is not an unlimited budget over at BBC (from which NBC bought the show), but it’s not too bad either. There are certain elements of the show that remind me of the show “Charmed”. I probably won’t be putting “Merlin” on my Tivo “Season Pass” list, but I will be giving it a couple green thumbs up. One huge positive for those with families is this is a show they can watch with their kids (although it may be a little too scary for the little ones). I’m very curious to find out what other people think of this show so please check it out this Sunday and let me know what you think!