NURSE JACKIE “Chicken Soup” Episode 3 Review

NURSE JACKIE - Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton and Merritt Wever as Zoey in Nurse Jackie

I just checked out an early copy of Showtime’s NURSE JACKIE, “Chicken Soup.” This is the 3rd episode of its premier season and I must say I’m becoming addicted. This particular episode was fun and light-hearted but I wish we would have found out more about Jackie’s personal life (as there are still some burning questions that have been unanswered). I guess it wouldn’t be a good show if we got all the answers all at once, eh? Also, I was happily surprised by the guest appearance of the legendary Eli Wallach (who is one of my all time favorite actors). I have to give him props for being 94 years old and still acting. His appearance alone is a testament to what a great show this is. I can’t imagine that at 94, old Eli would be willing to act in just anything. This also got me wondering if they’ll be any other big name guest stars in season one?

Zoey and Dr. O’Hara cracked me up in this episode. I love the way O’Hara interacts with her – she seems to almost get a childish kick out of intimidating her. I’m interested to see how Zoey’s character evolves as she spends more time with the likes of Jackie and O’Hara. I hope she doesn’t lose her innocent charm that makes her so much fun to watch. I also enjoy the friendship between Jackie and O’Hara. They both have questionable morals but seem like good people overall. Two of the other characters on the show that I really enjoy are Mo-Mo and Thor (I basically love anyone named Thor as a general rule, but he’s also an interesting character too). They haven’t gotten much airtime yet but I can see them having larger roles as the show progresses.

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