WEEDS “Su-Su-Sucio” (Season 5 Episode 3)

WEEDS (season 5)

Watch a sneak peek of Weeds Season 5 Episode 3 “Su-Su-Sucio” airing Monday June 22 2009 at 10PM ET/PT.

Episode Synopsis: WEEDS “Su-Su-Sucio” (Season 5 Episode 3) – Nancy gets a surprise visit from her estranged sister Jill just as her doctor warns her to reduce her stress level. But when the bodyguard Esteban assigned to her goes missing, she packs her family in the car and flees for their safety. Meanwhile, Celia’s micromanaging of the rebel camp gets her sent back to the U.S. Back in Ren Mar, Silas and Doug seek out the necessary law enforcement approval to open a medical marijuana dispensary.

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(Photos: Cliff Lipson/Showtime)

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