EVERWOOD Season 2 DVD Review

Everwood Season 2 DVD

It’s finally on here! Season 2 of EVERWOOD has finally been released to DVD. I’m sure all the fans of the show are really excited to be able to watch season 2 all over again. I know I am.

Season 2 of Everwood begins after Doctor Brown’s surgery on Collin. In the first episode, we soon find out that Colin didn’t survive. This sets the tone for the season, as Amy and the rest of the town deal with his death.

This is definitely a very powerful season of Everwood. We meet the characters of Madison, Tommy, and Linda for the first time as they each affect Ephram, Amy, and Andy’s lives respectively. Each storyline gets you more and more deeply involved with these character, and getting to watch season 2 all over again really reminded me why I loved Everwood so much. I don’t want to give too much away in case you haven’t yet seen the season. But know this, by the end of the season you’ll feel so happy to have been able to share the lives of these wonderful characters, that you’ll be begging for more. And of course let’s just cross our fingers that season 3 will also be released to DVD very soon.

I don’t think they make shows like Everwood anymore, at least not recently. It is just a simple, but beautiful story following the lives of ordinary people living in the small town of Everwood. The show is one of my all time favorites and this is your chance to rediscover all the episodes that left you wondering what would happen next to your favorite characters.

In addition to getting all 22 episodes from Season 2, the DVD also includes some unaired scenes that fans will most likely enjoy.

If you are a fan of Everwood, then I don’t think I need to convince you that this is a great DVD to own. And if you’re new to the show, all I can say is get caught up with season 1 and I can guarantee that you’ll be rushing out to get season 2 once you’re done.

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You can watch a clip from Season 2 of Everwood below.