SAVING GRACE “We’re Already Here” Review (Season 3 Episode 1)


I have to admit, I’m not generally a fan of cop dramas, particularly those with strong female leads (In this case Holly Hunter). Nothing against my own sex or anything, I guess I just feel like if you’ve seen one, you seen them all. This is what’s always kept me from watching TNT’s SAVING GRACE… well… until today.

I had the chance to watch an early copy of Episode 1 “We’re Already Here” of Season 3, which premiers tomorrow, June 16th at 10pm. First, for anyone that is a fan of the show, I have to put my hands in the air and admit that I was wrong. This isn’t just a cop drama with a strong female lead. For starters, Grace (Holly Hunter) is way flawed! I’m talking, smoking, drinking, having wanton “relations” flawed. Second, she’s visited by an angel. And here’s what I like: the angel is flawed too! I also like that it’s not all in your face with religion. She’s just your average cop with some personal problems trying to earn some brownie points with the big guy upstairs, by helping out her angel buddy Earl (Leon Rippy). I can dig that.

Okay, so let’s talk about the episode. As you know, Season 2 ended with Leon Cooly’s execution and Grace having dreams of Neely. Neely, we think, also has been having encounters with Earl. In the premier, Grace pays a visit to Neely, only it doesn’t quite go as she plans. It’s a pretty big mess actually. Earl gives Grace a sort of ambiguous warning that left me scratching my head. Grace also makes a big confession to Ham and then almost instantly seems to regret it. Finally, Ham and Grace get caught red handed and have to answer for their actions. There is also a sub-plot developing regarding a possible terrorist group, and Grace finds herself in the center of it all. If you are a fan of the show, I think you are going to be happy with the way Season 3 kicks off. If you aren’t a fan of the show, check it out anyway, you may be pleasantly surprised like me 🙂