Ronald D. Moore Talks About VIRTUALITY

Virtuality Cast

Last week, RONALD D. MOORE talked to the press about his new 2-hour movie, VIRTUALITY, which premieres on Fox on June 26, at 8pm.

Virtuality follows a crew of 12 astronauts who embark on a 10-year journey crucial to the survival of life on Earth. On the ship, the crew has access to virtual reality modules that gives them an outlet to their every day life on board. Through this virtual world, they can assume a multitude of avatar-like identities. Unfortunately, the crew finds a bug in the system. Not knowing where it originated from, tensions rise and are heightened by the fact that their every moves are captured by surveillance cameras for a reality series broadcasted back on Earth.

Let’s find out a little more about the show from its creator.

The Story

At the beginning of Virtuality, there is a commercial for the reality show that takes place in the show, which explains what the mission is and why it exists and what’s going on on Earth (some sort of climate change, which makes dry land really expensive) – or so are the astronauts told.

The people that end up on the ship and reality show all signed up for it.

The Virtual World

As opposed to other virtual worlds like the ones we have seen in movies like The Matrix, if people die while in the virtual dimension in Virtuality, they don’t die in the real world. It is more of a psychological outlet for the astronauts.

The concept is about how the virtual space affects the people in the real world.

And if you’re wondering if the virtual world is any similar to what we saw in Caprica, Ronald D. Moore explained that they both invlove putting goggles on your face, but the difference is that on Caprica, it is linked to the internet.

The Story

Ronald D. Moore explained that there is probably more humour in the first 10 minutes of Virtuality than there was in Battlestar Galactica, because the subject matter is not as serious.

The way the story came to be was that he started to think about what 12 people would do in order not to go crazy. And since their experiences in space is also being broadcasted as a reality show on Earth, there is this whole notion of whether things would be manipulated in order for the astronauts to react a certain way.

What about a series?

Fox wants to first see what the reaction is going to be for Virtuality before maybe picking it up for a full season. Unfortunately, right now it doesn’t look like it will get picked up. Which might be a disappointment to people that enjoy the movie since Ronal D. Moore told us that the movie doesn’t resolve itself in two hours, and is in fact set up for a show. So you will be left wondering what happens next.

The Webisodes

Virtuality will be accompanied by some webisodes. The webisodes will be segments of the reality show, “Edge of Never” that exists within the show. We will see pieces of it as like it is supposed to be broadcast back to Earth. (You can check out the Facebook page for the show).

Ronald D. Moore explained that if Virtuality became a series, each week we would see more of the reality show through the webisodes. They would deliberately not show everything on TV, so that if you go online, you would understand even more about the show and discover some secrets. (I don’t know about you, but I think that sounds pretty fun).