MENTAL “Manic at the Disco” Episode 4


Take a sneak peek at the MENTAL episode 4 “Manic at the Disco” airing this Tuesday June 16 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Also you can watch Mental Episode here.

Episode Synopsis: MENTAL “Manic at the Disco” Episode 4 – An 8-year-old bipolar boy whose life is consumed by a video game he plays in his head is admitted to Wharton Memorial for an accident involving a knife. When it turns out the accident was really a suicide attempt, Jack must try to get inside the little boy’s head to find out what is triggering his life-threatening rages. But when the boy bolts from the psych ward, Jack must try to save him by engaging him in his own mind game. Meanwhile, Nora discovers her teenage daughter is posting provocative pictures of herself on the Internet, and Jack continues to search for his mentally ill sister who he believes is living on the streets of L.A. in the “Manic at the Disco” episode of MENTAL airing Tuesday, June 16 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Cast: Chris Vance as Jack Gallagher; Annabella Sciorra as Nora Skoff; Jacqueline McKenzie as Veronica Hayden-Jones; Derek Webster as Carl Belle; Marisa Ramirez as Chloe Artis; Nicholas Gonzalez as Arturo Suarez; Edwin Hodge as Malcolm Darius Washington

Guest Cast: Warren Kole as Rylan Moore; Billy Unger as Conor Stephens; Amy Stewart as Dania Stephens; Holt McCallany as Ian Stephens; Kay Panabaker as Aysnley Skoff; Livia Trevino as Maria; Gino Montesinos as Jesus; Candice Cole as Margaret Belle

(Photos: Courtesy of FOX)