Harper’s Island Victims #10 & 11 are…

Beth Barrington (Amber Borycki) - Harper's Island

…Beth Barrington aka “The Single Girl”

Katherine Wellington (Claudette Mink) - Harper's Island

…Katherine Wellington aka “The Stepmother”

Last night’s episode of Harper’s Island was another pretty intense one. We not only got 2 new victims, but we found out that Abby is Wakefield’s daughter AND that the Sheriff was the one who kidnapped Madison… say what? Am I wrong or did our reader Dani call this last week?

Even if the Sheriff is involved, I have a feeling that he is not alone, and I don’t know why I got a pretty weird vibe from the wedding planner this week. Could she be in on it?

Oh and I have to ask, where has Nikki “the Biker Chick” been? What is the point of putting her as a main character if we’re never going to see her?

Don’t forget that you can keep track of the victims here.

My pick for next week? Isn’t time for Cal or Chloe to be next? I feel like one of the two is going to have to die before the end, unless they’re the killers…