GREEK “At World’s End” Season 2 Finale Review


After watching last week’s episode of GREEK, I’m sure you’re all left wondering what’s going to happen in the season 2 finale, “At World’s End,” which airs on Monday, June 15, at 8pm on ABC Family.

Well, let me tell you a whole lot happens and I think that Casey and Cappie fans will be very happy with what’s coming up. Although, you better be prepared for a pretty big and frustrating cliffhanger. I think I let out a big “Noooo!!!” when the screen faded to black. But trust me the finale leaves so much open for next season, it’s really exciting.

Greek is such an addictive show to watch and they have hooked me once more in their season 2 finale.

So make sure you don’t miss it and tune in tomorrow, June 15, at 8pm and watch Greek on ABC Family.