JILL FLINT from Royal Pains Interview

Jill Flint

The next person we got to talk to during out set visit of Royal Pains is JILL FLINT who plays Jill Casey.

Enjoy her interview, and don’t forget to watch Royal Pains on Thursdays at 10pm on USA.

Can you tell us about your character?

Jill Flint: Sure, sure. Jill Casey. She’s a local, she grew up in the Hamptons. She’s a hospital administrator for Hamptons Heritage Hospital and as a person, she’s a very driven woman. She’s not impressed with the whole hullabaloo of the rich and the famous that live up there, with their big houses and their fancy cars and their attitudes. She’s not impressed by any of that. She’s more interested in taking care of the people that she grew up with, people that she had been surrounded with her entire life. The locals, the people that do work in the restaurants or the local electrician. Just the average blue collar folk. They sort of get pushed aside by these jerks who drive in there thinking they’re all that.
Her passion, her dream, what she wants to do is open a free clinic and that attracted me to the script, because I think it’s very relevant to what’s going on in this day and age. I mean, how many Americans can really afford to go to the doctor, have healthcare and have it be decent? And, you know, if you’ve ever been to any sort of free clinic or sliding scale clinic here in New York, they’re kind of scary. [laughs] So, yeah, that’s where she’s pushing towards and that’s who she is. I was blown away by her when I met her, so to speak, and I’m happy that I get to play her, it’s good.

How is your character’s story parallel to Hank’s story in the show?

Jill Flint: Well, I think that, when Jill meets Hank there’s an instant recognition, because he also is not impressed by how much money you have, if you’re in charge or not, because he’s the kind of guy that will shoot from the hip. He tells you exactly what he thinks, when he thinks it and he’s all about getting the job done and trying to do right by the people that he surrounds himself with. And, so I think that when I meet him, there’s an automatic recognition, there’s a spark between the two of us, that “Ah, we’re on the same page, great, I’ve got an ally, because I’m surrounded.”

Even have the same car.

Jill Flint: Yeah, yeah, which is funny and cute, I think.

Can you talk about the auditioning process to get on the show?

Jill Flint: Oh, my gosh, let me tell you, it’s fun, it’s really fun. You audition, you prepare, they fly you out to LA and, you know, dancing bear, [jump through] hoops. It’s a little nerve wracking, but the cool thing about this whole process, for me, I was lucky enough to meet Jace Alexander and he sat me down right before I was about to go in front of the firing squad, so to speak, right. You know, you’re freaking out entirely and he sits you down and he just says, “You know, just go do it. That’s all you have to do, go do it and have fun doing it. You’re here for a reason, we’re excited to have you.” And, it was cool, because the initial meeting with him, has sort of lasted throughout this entire relationship so far, where it’s like just do it. Have fun, enjoy it. It sort of sets you at ease, but—yeah, auditioning processes are always fun.

Can you give us an idea of what her development is going to be? She has a big secret, right?

Jill Flint: Yeah, she does, she does and I don’t know what that is yet. [laughs] I’ve been teasing, my friends have all checked out the website as to what is your big secret? What’s going on? I’m, like, I can’t—I—yeah, I was going to say, I told one friend. She’s, like, “Oh, shut up.” I’m secretly a man. I think that will definitely derail our relationship.[laughs] It’s fun and we’re having a blast with it. Hank and I are just starting to spend more time together and find ourselves in different situations that we have to work ourselves out and we kind of have different takes on things and different ideas about things. So, it’s fun, because we have this moment of—we get to butt heads with each other and there’s a sort of sexual tension between the two of us and two different ways of looking at things. Maybe two chefs in the kitchen, you know what I’m saying? So, that has been a lot of fun to play with. But, as far as where she goes, we’re still working on it. I don’t want to tell you too much.

Jill Flint

So, at what point in the audition process, did you first read with Mark and was there great chemistry between you? How did that go?

Jill Flint: I met him at the screen test. I walked in the room and you guys have already met him, so you know he’s—big, bright smile and he’s very open and not an ounce of that is fake. That’s who he is to everybody, all day long and it was really reassuring. I automatically just started talking about my plane trip, which was interesting. Very interesting plane ride. So, anyway, we started rapping about that and we got along really well and it was great that we got to have a few minutes to talk. So, it’s not like, “Hi, nice to meet you. Okay, you ready to do this scene? Fabulous. Let’s have chemistry, let’s fake it, let’s make it happen.” We actually got to work it out.

In the pilot, one of the storylines is that the woman he had saved the night before shows up at his motel and is like “Hi, I love you. Take me.” As the season goes on, is that going to be a source of conflict between them?

Jill Flint: There’s definitely a potential for that. Both of us have a past, but I think the great thing about the two of us is that we kind of get each other. But, we’re still figuring that out. To be honest with you, I hope that kind of plays in. I hope that there’s a moment of, “No, actually, this is what it is and I’m interested in you.” That would be fun, it would be fun to play with. But, it’s funny, because when you see his character, you’ve got him and you’ve got his brother and he is effortlessly the nice guy, cool, the woman are automatically attracted to. And, then of course you’ve got the brother, who—you guys have met him, right? You guys have all met Paulo? Oh, my lord, now being on site with Paulo, that’s a lot of fun. Try to keep a straight face while working with him, try to have a serious take, it is not easy. But, yeah, so it’s the duality, the two of them, it’s fun. The women are automatically attracted to him.

How much of you is in your character?

Jill Flint: As far as the localism and the loyalty and fighting for the little guy, that’s something that I definitely identify with. And, yeah, I felt pretty clear about her when I read the script, definitely.

If you had a choice of one celebrity guest star, who would it be?

Jill Flint: Oh, one celebrity guest star. Hmm, I have to think about that one. Oh, can I just say Elvis? [laughs] We brought him back! I’m really thinking about it. The Obamas, that’d be cheesy. [laughs] Hugh Hefner [laughs] and his entire entourage. There would be eye rolling for hours from my character, it would be amazing. I could have a field day with him, oh, man.