ALAN BALL Talks About Season 2 of TRUE BLOOD Interview

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ALAN BALL, creator of the HBO series, TRUE BLOOD, based on Charlaine Harris series of books, took some time to answer some of the burning questions we have about Season 2 (which premieres this Sunday Jun 14 at 9pm).

The question that most of us have on our mind is probably, how can True Blood be even sexier and gorier than it was last season?

Well, Alan Ball tells us it will be.

It will be sexier, gorier, funnier and deeper. This season the show is finding its identity and things get more organic.

Even though there is going to be another mystery this season, Alan Ball explained that the show is about more than just that, it’s also about love story. And as opposed to last season when the audience was as clueless as Sookie and the town of Bon Temps about who the killer was, this season, we as the audience will be aware of a character that is up to no good before the characters on the show are.

Writing process for ‘True Blood’

Alan Ball explained that 50% of it comes from the books and the other 50% conceived by him and his team of 4 writers including Brian Bruckner, Raelle Tucker, Alexander Woo, and Nancy Oliver. The books are narrated by Sookie and as so, other characters only exist when she interacts with them, which creates the need for writing about other characters when Sookie is not around. However, they stick pretty close to Sookie’s story, only changing things here and there to make them more cinematically appealing.

In order to plan out the season, they take the book and find their favorite scenes. They then break it down over 12 episodes for the season. However, the writing of the show evolves and it always ends up becoming what it wants to and they end up rewriting things. They try to make the whole process very organic.

What’s Coming Up in Season 2

Turns out the timeline of season 2 takes place in 12 days. Which doesn’t allow Sookie and Bill to have a normal type of relationship as they are “just trying to get through the day without being killed.”

Sookie goes to Dallas, taking Bill along with her, to try and help Eric find a missing vampire.

This season will also explore Bill and Eric’s backstory, which are not explored in the books, through flashbacks. Alan Ball couldn’t tell us more about it, but he did mention that with Eric being over 1000 years, there is a lot to be explored and that we’ll get to see some interesting parts, and the same goes for Bill.

Alan Ball also told us that it was important to make Eric more frightening and monstrous. Which I can tell you they definitely achieved. However, it is also important for them that while vampires are capable of being monsters, that’s not all they are.

What About Jason?

Alan Ball explained that in season one they tried to flesh Jason out and find out what’s at the core of this womanizer and sexually compulsive character. Jason is really “a scared little boy that has been abandoned by everyone he’s ever loved” and in the second season he is aware of that hole he has inside. And so he tries to find something to fill it, and like many people do, he turns to religion. However as time goes by, he is going to realize that the Fellowship of Light doesn’t have anything to do with the fundamental message of Jesus. And Alan Ball also explains that “Jason can’t keep his clothes on for too long.”

Tara & Jessica

Tara and Jessica are both characters that weren’t really in the books, but are very present in season 2.

In the book, Tara wasn’t African American and she doesn’t show up until book 2, but Alan Ball wanted another strong female character that would be part of the core group of friends. He also wanted to explore the strong friendship between her and Sookie, two outcasts.

As for Jessica, well in the book Eric stakes Long Shadow, and so when the decision was made to have Bill do it instead, it felt interesting to them to have him be forced to do something that he had tried his whole life not to… transform someone else into a vampire. On top of that, they decided to take a girl from a very strict environment and put her into this new world with new powers and see what happens.

Who’s The Most Evil Character this Season?

Alan Ball also mentioned a really evil vampire, probably the most evil character of the season, from Dallas that we will meet this season. Let’s just say that he’s not really on board with the whole Tru Blood “philosophy.”

Evan Rachel Wood Joins the Cast

Some of you might have also heard that Evan Rachel Wood was cast in this season of True Blood. She plays an almost 500 years old vampire, Sophie-Anne who is the vampire Queen of Louisiana. Turns out each state has a King or Queen vampire. In the books Sophie-Anne doesn’t show up until book 5 or 6, but Alan Ball felt this season was the right time for her to appear.

Update on the Shooting of Season 2

So far Alan Ball has seen up to episode 8. They just finished shooting episode 11, and will start episode 12 next week. Alan Ball has written episode 4 and 11.

Comic Con 2009

For people going to Comic Con this year, Alan Ball once again confirmed that they would be there along with pretty much the whole cast.

What About Season 3?

Finally, some Season 3 news, Alan Ball told us that they would start arching out season 3 while they are in post production for season 2, and will probably be shooting one episode prior to the Christmas holidays.

Alan Ball’s Other Projects

And while True Blood is his focus right now, Alan Ball does have a couple of projects in development at HBO, which he didn’t write, and he also has a screenplay he wrote years ago, although he wouldn’t direct it, but just produce.