ANGEL COULBY & ANTHONY HEAD from Merlin Exclusive Interview

Angel Coulby, Anthony Head

I recently got a chance to speak with ANGEL COULBY and ANTHONY HEAD both stars of the new NBC show, Merlin, which premieres on Sunday, June 21, at 8pm.

Merlin is a new series that retells the story of Merlin, the sorcerer known from the Arthurian legend.

Angel Coulby plays Guinevere (Gwen) and Anthony Head (whom Buffy fans will remember as Giles), plays the evil Uther Pendragon. Merlin is definitely a show that I am looking forward to and was very excited to get to learn a little more about it. So enjoy the interview below and don’t forget to tune in on Sunday, June 21.

Can you describe the show in two sentences?

Angel Coulby: It’s a swashbuckling, magical, fantastical adventure. That’s only one sentence.

Anthony Head: Which everyone will want to watch. That’s two sentences.

Can you talk about who your characters are in one sentence?

Angel Coulby: I play Guinevere who is a kind and gentle, but very noble hand maiden who will one day become queen.

Anthony Head: And I play Uther Pendragon who is king, is fairly unpleasant and likes to cut people’s heads off if they happen to use magic or even talk about magic in my kingdom.

Who’s your favorite character apart from the one you’re playing?

Angel Coulby: Oh, probably Merlin. He’s very lovable and charming and sweet and funny.

Anthony Head: I think the dragon is pretty cool. It’s voiced by John Hurt and it’s very wry. It’s not everything that you think he is on the face of it. He’s got a back story as well. We all have a back story. We’ve all got a little bit that, a little bit of humor. Consequently it’s a very rich tale and it’s told beautifully. They’re great scripts and stunning, stunning to look at. It’s an absolutely beautiful show.

Can you talk a little bit about what’s coming up in season one?

Angel Coulby: There are monsters and magic, little tiny bits of romance but not too much in this period. What else? Friendships forming.

Anthony Head: A little tastes of – if anyone knows the Arthurian legend – of elements that will become very important within the legend. They’re introduced early on throughout the first season and actually we’re now halfway through shooting the second season. But it’s an extraordinary kind of journey that the audience takes with us because there’s the knowledge of what is to come. So we’re all kind of in the dark because we’re doing it, but the audiences knows what’s coming. That’s made it fun.

What’s your favorite episode in season one?

Angel Coulby: I can’t remember the number of them, but Lancelot, the episode with Lancelot is probably my favorite.

Anthony Head: Mine I guess is the Dark Knight which is quite a dark tale and it’s very cool and I get to kill…well, no I don’t kill anything.

Angel Coulby: [laughs] We’ll find out.

Anthony Head: But no chickens were harmed [laughs].

Do you guys do your own stunts on the show?

Angel Coulby: Yeah, I do.

Anthony Head: As much as we can, yeah, and then ultimately in terms of the sword fighting we’ve got some great stunt doubles. We are now riding as much as we can on beautiful horses, stunning Appaloosa horses. What can you say? It’s swashbuckling romance and magic all together. It’s one of those shows that you do wonder why it’s never been made before. Maybe the production values are too high for anyone else to make it and somehow these producers…it’s an extraordinarily rich looking show. Beautiful. NBC bought it straight out of the box, sight unseen because the scripts were good, the story was good and the idea of it was good.

And finally, my last and more important question… are you guys getting the new iPhone?


Angel Coulby: Hopefully. If anyone wants to send me one that’d be fine. Maybe eventually.

Anthony Head: At the moment I’m dogmatically refusing to get one because on the set they all have one and I’m just not.

Angel Coulby: Unless they give me one.

Anthony Head:: Unless someone wants to give me one. That’s different.