WEEDS Season 5 Premiere Review

WEEDS (season 5)

Season 5 of WEEDS premieres on Showtime on tonight, Monday June 8, at 10pm (followed by Nurse Jackie), and since I was able to get a early look at the first three episodes, how about we talk about what’s coming up for Nancy and co.

First I have to let you know, that I don’t usually watch Weeds, except for some episodes here and there. I did watch the season 4 premiere, but didn’t follow the rest of the season. But with the help of the “previously on” video, I was up to date in no time and ready to watch the season 5 premiere.

I gotta say it always seems that Nancy couldn’t possibly fall even lower or get into more trouble, but somehow she always manages to. Last season ended with her facing Esteban and telling him that she is pregnant with his child. Obviously we all know that without Nancy there is no show, so of course the revelation that she could be pregnant with his son prevents Esteban from killing her. But with all the strings that come with it, Nancy might almost wonder at some point if she wouldn’t be better off dead. Let’s just say, he is not a very loving and supportive “boyfriend.”

The season premiere also introduces Nancy’s sister, Jill (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh). Nancy asks Andy to bring Shane and Silas to Jill’s house while she tries to figure out her situation with Esteban. The trip will be a lot more entertaining than Andy anticipated.

After Quinn kidnapped Celia with her boyfriend at the end of last season, they are now trying to get some ransom money. But turns out that’s going to be a lot harder than they expected, since Celia doesn’t have that many friends.

Overall, I have to say that Weeds never ceases to amaze me with how outrageous they keep getting every seasons. I think fans of the show will be very happy with how season 5 is shaping up.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight, Monday June 8, at 10pm on Showtime.