New TV on DVD Releases for the Week of June 9 2009

Here is a list of the new TV DVD Releases for the week of June 9 2009 (for movie releases head over to Daemon’s Movies):

Must Buy


Mistresses (Volume 1)

Synopsis: Set in a world where friends have become the new family, Mistresses follows the lives and loves of a group of girlfriends whose lives have taken very different turns. Successful lawyer, Siobhan, seems to be living in wedded bliss with husband, Hari, but her eyes begin to wander when her sex life becomes less about ‘making love’ and more about ‘making babies.’ Trudi, a 9/11 widow, finds comfort in the arms of a man, Richard, after spending six years grieving her husband’s death. Meanwhile, Jessica seduces her boss and pursues Alex, one half of a lesbian couple, while Katie, a well respected doctor and the rock of the group, begins an affair with a married patient. Their tangled web of love and deceit envelops all four friends with life-changing results.

Cast: Sarah Parish, Sharon Small, Shelley Conn, Orla Brady, Raza Jaffrey, Adam Rayner, Patrick Baladi, Adam Astill, Anna Torv, Max Brown

Recommendations: I just wrote a review for the DVD and I think it’s pretty clear that I am a huge fan of the show.

Buy it: MISTRESSES (Volume 1) on Amazon

Must Rent


The Shield (The Complete Seventh Season)

Synopsis: The Road to Justice will blow you away! Detective Vic Mackey is the leader of an elite Strike Team unit, a group of cops effective at eliminating crime but also operating under Vic’s own set of rules. But his rules sometimes cross the fine line between legal and illegal. Now the precinct has a new captain who doesn’t like Vic’s tactics and wants to bust him off the force-even as he finds himself going to Vic for help whenever the going gets rough.

Cast: Michael Chiklis, Catherine Dent, Walt Goggins, Michael Jace, Kenny Johnson, Jay Karnes, Benito Martinez

Recommendations: I have never been a fan of The Shield, or I guess I should say that I didn’t start watching it the first season, and then never caught up. But I have watched a few episodes here and there and understand why so many people love it. A lot of my friends love it too, and I have to admit the acting is pretty powerful. But since this is the final season, I don’t really think I have to convince you guys to watch it, since most of you are probably already fans.

Buy it: THE SHIELD (The Complete Seventh Season) on Amazon



The Cleaner (The First Season)

Synopsis: “The Cleaner,” inspired by the true story of a real-life “extreme interventionist,” follows William “The Cleaner” Banks, who, after hitting rock-bottom from his own addictions after the birth of his daughter, strikes a tentative deal with God. Now along with his unconventional team, he helps people get away from their addictions by any means necessary.

Cast: Benjamin Bratt, Grace Park, Esteban Powell, Amy Price-Francis, Kevin Michael Richardson, Liliana Mumy, Brett DelBuono

Recommendations: I really enjoyed season 1 of The Cleaner. I wasn’t sure about the first couple of episodes, but then really got into it. It’s not my favorite show, but I think it’s definitely worth a look. Plus now is the perfect time to catch up since Season 2 will premiere on June 23.

Buy it: THE CLEANER (The First Season) on Amazon