Harper’s Island Victim #9 is…

J.D. Dunn "The Black Sheep" - Harper's Island

…J.D. Dunn aka “The Black Sheep”

This show is getting really crazy. Now we’re really getting into the slasher movie type storyline with the people “stuck” on the island. And J.D. was the latest victim this week, along with poor Deputy Garrett (the cop guarding the prisoners), and Cole Harkin, the “mysterious” man with his face half burned.

But of course the craziest thing had to be Henry coming out with bloody hands next to where J.D. was dying. This makes me think that one our readers and Harper’s Island fan, Dani (check out her blog here), might have been right all along about him. Although at the same time it seems like a pretty early time to reveal the killer’s identity. So let’s just say that I cannot wait for the explanation of the bloody hands next week.

Also doesn’t it seem like there are still a lot of people alive with only five episodes left?

Don’t forget that you can keep track of the victims here.

My pick for next week? Well, it should be getting easier, right? But it’s not. How about I pick Mrs. Wellington. I guess I’ll find out if this will be the one time that I get it right. Who do you think will die next?