When Frakking Goes Wrong…


Battlestar Galactica has ruined me forever.

So here is what happened. I was in my car and listening to Morning Edition on NPR. (Yes, I listen to the radio too. Turns out you can’t drive AND watch TV at the same time. Stupid State Law.)

When I heard the topic of the next report, I almost spit out my coffee. The title of the report was

“Face-Off Over ‘Fracking’: Water Battle Brews On Hill”

My heart skips a beat as I start imagining that there is maybe news of a new ‘Battlestar Galactica’ series. Needless to say that I was slightly disapointed when it turns out that the topic of show was about….wait for it….”Hydraulic Fracturing” aka “Fracking”.

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with “Hydraulic Fracturing”, it is

the process of injecting a million gallons or more of water and chemicals deep underground to pry out gas that’s locked away in tight spaces.


However dirty that sounds, it has nothing to do with Frakking as it is said in BSG. It was still freaking hilarious to hear the very serious NPR reporter talk about “Fracking.”

Favorite quote: “Fracking is all about pressure” (Frak Yeah, Dude)

Listen to the entire report here